Any plan to balance Male character / counterpart in the future?

Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone know if AGS or Smilegate willing to balance out male character or even making their counterpart in classes? e.g. in KR they are making female berzerker. (any KR player can give out information perhaps?)


Yes that the plans… it two a years KR getting a female berserker and aeromancer … tldr it gonna be year til we see more character

If you haven’t seen the trend already, female characters are supreme in KR. KR players likes to play females in an overwhelming majority so expect female characters only.

Artist, female zerker, aeromancer, 3 new females in a row is a good indication of their priorities.

Other KR games do the same thing, some never get a single new male class.

They got striker not to long ago and the next suspected counter part class is a male mage

Feel you my dude. Here I sit, waiting for a female paladin and Gunlancer counterpart to finally play support. With the current trend, this would be me eventually:

Really don’t get why people care so much about the gender of the class. But either way, you got at least a year for a gender counterpart. If you’re hoping for complete balance, maybe a decade or so at the current rate.

there are rumours the next gender counterpart after female berserker is male summoner/mage

I seriously doubt the male/female ratio will ever be balanced because they’re putting out brand new class archetypes as fast as they’re making genderswaps for existing classes. And statistically most of those new classes are female.

Waiting for my male assassin

smilegate been following a path to release the counterpart of a class, first we had a female hunter(guns), then a male fighter(striker), now we gonna have a female warrior(zerker).

Probally the next counterpart after female zerker is gonna be either a male assasin or mage, i dont think they are gonna speed up this process since they are releasesing new classes as well aka Aeromancer in summer.