Any plans from AGS to make EU Central playable?

Hey there, first time poster here

So I know that the queue times are a problem but who cares, if you decided to play on a full server you wait, I get it, I dont even mind the queue times
But what I mind is that WHEN I am in the game after a 10k queue that I can play the game
Groupfinder/Matchmaking, even for Solo Chaos Dungeons doesnt work

So is AGS doing ANYTHING in the near future to fix this?

Edit: Im at 1090 ilvl right now on Kadan
Id switch to EU West if AGS would say I couldnt raid Argos when he releases
Id rather have wasted my 150 hours until now, then finding out I cant raid on that Char I invested so much time in.


as i understand, the two things are in parallel. Instabilities in the game are caused because they increased the cap of each server and servers are under really heavy load. They can either undercap the servers which will increase q or they can wait it out.


Yeah, then cap the servers again
Waiting it out is like waiting for players to quit the game → negative Reviews → the entire game suffers from that


I would like to know too. It’s gotten so bad lately that if you don’t log in before 13:00, you’re pretty much screwed Q’ing up for anything.

Would Amazon / Smilegate PLEASE confirm anything regarding this issue?

Yeah, its Saturday 11am in EU and you cant play Guardian Raids with friends anymore
Plus zero Communication on that issue
Its like they want people to quit and hate the game

At this point our one and only hope is Smilegate to force AGS into finally finding a solution to the countless problems people have encountered since early access. And if that doesn’t happen I guess it was a good run for the game, because if it keeps on going it’s just going to die like all other MMO’s did in the past that had the similar issues. Great developer, terrible publisher, I have nothing else to say.

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Thats the sad truth, I rather play on RU in the Moment because there I can atleast play the damn game
Im currently log in into EU Central and just move my mouse every once in a while so I dont get kicked so that I can play my Chaos dungeons at 3am without fearing to disconnect

Matchamking instability is linked to servers overload.
AGS is just patiently waiting players to fix the issue by themselves moving to EUW, frustrated about the ongoing issues. In meanwhile they gave US players gifts to compensate EU issues. Best strategy ever. Clap.


From what I’ve experienced so far, Lost Ark’s localization has been nothing but disappointments even before it was launched. First the announce that the game will release in October, weeks before it’s time for the game to make it’s appearance we get a twitter post on how the launch is delayed, due to lack of development (I wonder why till this day). Then we get Closed Alpha (not discussing anything related to that because of NDA), a few months of “Stay tuned” memes we get an announcement for a Closed Beta. Incredible! The actual release of the game seems really close, people get their hopes back up in an instant, founders packs are selling like crazy both on Steam and Amazon and for what? Just to get disappointed once again by the minimal efforts from AGS’s side. There are multiple issues that need to resolved as soon as possible, all we get is the same answer but re-phrased from the CM’s, because their dev team is putting minimal effort in resolving the issues and CM’s end up taking all the frustration built up from the community.

Its a typical US Company move sadly


Yeah, I feel so sorry for all the CM’s here, they get shit on for everything even tho they are not at fault at all
AGS needs to communicate what the problem is, and if they are going to fix it
They should understand their job well enough to at least say if a fix is possible in the near future, like we get Argos soon, or said better
Everyone exept EUC gets Arogs soon
I cant even imagine the shitshow here in the forum as soon as EUC gets Argos and nobody can play the Raid :smiley:

We’re at the point where communication doesn’t matter. Decisions need to be made, actions need to be taken. Getting an answer similar to “We are aware of the issue and our devs are working on it” is equivalent to getting no answers at that point. It’s all we’ve got for weeks now.


To be fair, the CMs here get a lot of understanding from the playerbase. I think we are aware they are not at fault. They’re just funneling a cohesive message from the playerbase to the teams. So I’ve noticed people discerning the difference and they’re overall quite polite and restrained towards CS and CMs. Which is quite an awesome thing to notice.

And the very few people that don’t realize it’s not the CM’s fault take stuff really far. Not to mention, as a CM’s your only job isn’t to just hand out the community complains to the devs, it’s to interact with the community overall. Don’t you think they’d have a better time rating character customizations and enjoy memes alongside us instead of reading countless complaints? I’m sure I would if I was a CM.

The most annoying thing for me is that I can’t even swap regions to Euw because my ping is 30ms higher, maybe that doesn’t matter in a range from 20ms to 50ms, but It is noticeable in a range from 50ms to 80ms. My internet is not the best so I’m basically stuck in Euc with broken matchmaking, just because they opened the new region in Ireland lol


Indeed! But many companies have different job descriptions for what CM is supposed to do. There is a lot we don’t know but the basics I think are covered here. I would encourage the CMs and the CS as well to meme around but it’s difficult at the moment considering the 99.9% of the EU community is complaining about not being able to play essential game modes in Lost Ark. So it’s a very delicate situation. A nice stream of daily communication would be appreciated. Even if they don’t particularly have a solution but just to know that they are trying stuff out and to let us know what the plan is, even in broad terms (not vague, broad) would have a soothing effect. This would be the perfect time to actually garner some sympathy from the playerbase. It’s an underutilized psychological tool :smirk:! I still look at many companies being so afraid to address their people, for good reason, but better to address them often than to be silent in times like these. So I encourage ASG to keep talking to us, help us help you, talk to us so we can psychologically support you if you’re having difficulties. Let’s increase our report to at least amicable. But for that, we need to talk…let’s have a chat. What have been your issues? What are the blockages? Let’s be honest…let’s interact. It’s not easy, but we give it a shot. I am open ASG. And so are others.

You’re right, CMs are not at fault, but they are starting to annoy me anyway. By this time they must have realized that nobody in AGS/Smilegate knows what to do and/or is willing to fix EU servers issues and everything they give us is either cheap PR stunt (EU west, etc.) or corpospeak garbage (“our team is looking into it”), while situation is getting worse not better. So it means that CMs are willing to take part in this stalling and damage control.

I know for them it’s most likely either that or they’re out of the job, but to be brutally honest, it’s not my problem. I don’t hate Roxx or Seawolf, they’ve been thrown into meat grinder and it sucks for them, but we’re at the point where nothing they say should be trusted in any capacity.


yup, game is going to shits, cant hear the same sentence from the cms anymore…fuck it

wating in a 10k+ que just to not being able to progress im fed up with it, may it go down in flames and they, also smilegate learn something from this mess…with 1.3 milion twitch viewers on the fucking 8th this month it should have been clear as day that f2p will be flooded…not only amazons fault smilegate fucked up euqally as much with their shitty server structure for the game. period.

Oh and another point I wanted to make is that if they would finally open the flood gates to meaningful compensation both for people staying in EU Central and those moving to EU West, it would help a ton and the community will be more patient. Imagine getting 3 powerpasses when one moves to EU West, not for the first 50 levels, but to Yorn for example. I would pay for that if I had that option. They don’t even need to give that for free. I would also enjoy seeing a ton of blue crystals being offered as compensation for our troubles. This is how you know ASG is acknowledging the situation and trying to repair the relationship between community and company. But they are not willing to do so, for some reason. It is wrong to think that this is essentially lost money. It is not. It is literally fair compensation for a problem that should not have occurred at such a chronic level if the initial decision-making would have been wiser. I am curious to see what comes out of it. I hope for the best as this could become such a love affair instead of a hate affair.

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