Any Plans to Address LoA not closing?

We getting any feedback on this issue a bunch of people are having the last couple days or do we have to wait till Monday? lmao

This is getting ridiculous. There is a new problem every other week. The game itself is so good, but these technical issues are wearing players down. It’s remarkable so many people are just putting up with the dc’s, crashes, and now the inability to close the game and still play it. Please fix this stuff. Even if you need to delay content releases for a month just do a stability patch, it’s beyond ridiculous.

Bro, they know. Report this under the megathread made specifically for issues and wait for them to have an official reponse. Jesus.

Unfortunately that doesn’t do anything, gotta pester them. There is literally a megathread for disconnects with over 2100 replies from earlier this summer and here we are in early December and disconnects are worse than they’ve ever been.

Yes and it’s saturday night. You’re not gonna get a response over the weekend. We all know that.

They have said they are trying to get everything sorted in the coming weeks. Check Roxx’ replies regarding the issues.

What is wrong with you? The forums are a place for everyone to report their issues.

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i thought this has been an issue since the launch? xD I always had to close game through task manager each time i have a crash since start

Nah it doesn’t only happen if the game crashes. It’s just from closing the game in general and closing it in task manager doesn’t work, steam still says the game is running until you restart your PC.

Did you read what im saying? Did i tell him not to report it?


This issue started appearing in numbers yesterday, so we apologise that you haven’t seen official response from our CM’s over the weekend.

Our support staff have acknowledged the issue in the post below, I have personally reported this issue to the team as well.

There are some potential solutions to the game not closing properly, although results have been mixed.

Hope that helps!

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