Any plans to fight EUW dwindling population?

Hello @Maselbart @Roxx

Can you let us know if this is being discussed?

Back in the day, you asked us to move from EUC to EUW to fight problem your tech created (limited server capabilities + no anti-bot systems in place at launch). A lot of us listened, even thou we were very hesitant to leave 1-2 weeks of progress on EUC.

We listened your official advice and recommendation - so now, that AH for 1370+ is almost empty (in comparison to EUC) and lobbies are also few in between, is there anything that you will do for us? Are there any discussions even and is this problem a visible one, or will we keep pretending that everything is fine because number of bots between 1-50 is high enough?

You can literally go and log in to EUW and check AH for T3 items and compare the amount of listing to EUC or NA.

TRDL; We helped you guys early on by leaving progress behind and moving, can you help us now?


This is something the teams are aware of and monitoring. Paths and options are being weighed, and when we have a solution ready to share we will let players know!


Thank you

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you’re out of luck. there’s nothing they will do about it. this is the reason i play on Azena even if I’m west coast. NA west will die and only Azena will survive.

my 2cents is merge ah/market + matchmaking “atleast” if a total merge is not possible, ty for your input

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It is their choice as Dev and Publisher to not to do, or do something about it.

It is my choice as a player to support, or not support the game.

It only takes their ARPA to go down by 10-20% to realize that some things need to be fixed