Any plans to offer refunds to help empty servers? Sign me up

I was wondering if LA planning a refund scheme, it might help the servers empty a bit?

I’m up for not playing the game if they refund my founders packs (platinum $99) and delete my account, so I can come back to the game later when the issues are ever resolved.

Definitely not a rant post, but if their only hope is to expect people to move regions that they have released a little too late or quit playing, I choose the latter if they can refund me for this inconvenience.

Game currently takes too much cognitive effort for me to queue, keep it open, stay active, and play when it wants you to play. Which isn’t what I signed up for and is not acceptable for me.

If I didn’t pay anything, I wouldnt say a thing and wait. However It’s a bit unfair to get a 99$ pack for a game that didn’t think of launching 2 eu regions from the start. That’s why open-betas are for, and if you’re charging money, you should also offer refunds.