Any roadmap enjoyer

its last week of Sep, so can u confirm when we get the road map???
…in this week or in Oct…
my main didnt release yet, so the only thing that i hype for is road map, so can get an answer ?

Approx 8-9 days after the patch release (it has always been like that)

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I think they mentioned we will get the new roadmap a few days after clown which is around 1,5 weeks from now

but sep was kinda special month, we got 2 updates so maybe we got road map this week as well

I wish they would release it earlier but 1,5 week after patch release has always been the way they go with.
If you look at the Arcana update, it released on July 20th. The roadmap followed on July 29th.
So expect the next roadmap around October 5-6th ish.

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im pretty excited for the roadmap, i wanna see when we are getting brel, this might help with the inflation a bit.

October roadmap in October idk what else people expect

october roadmap before october as it should be

true, but i still expect it in october this way i dont get disappointed, and if it comes earlier then im happy (or not if they dont release summoner i go cry)

we dont even know if we getting balance patch,tripod update or even clown XD this week or not and you expect a roadmap

4th of october my expectation.

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