Any small update on legendary skins?

Good morning,
i’d like to know how far you’ve got discussing this topic. I know there is no date to say, i just want to know if you already have some solutions on the table which have to be discussed.

Could you provide us some info’s on your progress about this topic?

Thank you!


I’ll jump in as well.

Where are all the people who were sure the skins were coming out after all at?


this region dont deserve this skins after all this crying :upside_down_face:


cant because 1% dmg is p2w xD


Yes our region doesnt deserve to pay for skins :kissing_heart:

and even if, what the fk do u win, there is no player vs player competition, no dps meter, no ladder boards nothing.

I couldnt care less about those skins, most of them look like :peach:

And how you define what they are worth?

Guys there are tons of threads already discussing all this “p2w” bullshit or how expensive they were through the jars.

I didnt open this thread to discuss all this bs again everyone has a different opinion about them.
I just wanted some further updates about the progress @Roxx

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No Update is also a message, as seen in one of Roxx’s previous replies.

It means there is nothing new to share regarding the topic, other than repeating what was said last.

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yeah and the last update is 28 days ago, so i thought i might try again because its almost a month, things might have progressed but maybe not. Can only find out by asking.

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i mean we dont have it cuz ppl here think 1% str is p2w

Its pointless. If there is news about it you gonna hear it from AGS.

its not pointless to ask for the progress, if AGS tell us something on their own then only when its finished and ready to be published. Im not asking for the finished product.

Then whats the point? They said they working on a solution which will deliver your legendary skin in a different way than gambling it out from a box. What more do you want?
In progress: They working on it. Thats all they can say now.

If they figure it out how to implement it in our version then you will hear from it. Dont need to create topic like this in every week.

Last topic is 28 days ago and im free to ask.
And why do you care about me asking it after almost 1 month? Move on its not your business if youre not interesed. No need to discuss this.

Because you littering this forum. But you are right, I will just mute this topic.


i mean just google average price to get it from loot boxes :clown_face:

it’s public forum isnt it? why u trying shut other people up? xD

Imagine paying 800 bucks for a skin tho

Aah you mean the imaginery value