Any soulfist mains?

Hello guys, I was planning on deleting my deathblade alt and making a soulfist to play for fun, would you guys say your class is good to play / fun as an alt or possibly main ? I’ve tried all the other classes in the game and they seem stale but I’ve yet to try soulfist ( I don’t see many of them either in T3 content )

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High risk high reward. One of the best dps classes in kr currently if you hit.

Soulfist IS Lost Ark, you never go wrong with a soulfist.

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I enjoy it a lot. Not my main yet, but i’m slowly boosting her there. I MVP all the time, but i’m pretty sure it’s because at 1340 most people dont buy accessories and I did.

I play energy overflow and love it much more than robust. Robust is too burst oriented for me because i’m not great at knowing good times to pop my burst. I run 3 support/buff skills and 5 dps skills. There’s a bit of variety of which you choose. I chose my favorites. I run high swift, low crit with EO, adrenaline, cursed doll and lightning fury. Lightning fury isn’t meta, but it’s fun, flavorful, and does decent. I’ll probably swap it for raid captain when i get legendary accessories.

I’ve heard it’s better as a main than an alt, but i think that statement pertains to Robust Spirit more so than Energy Overflow cause the spec requirements to make RS feel better. It has good chaos dungeon aoe clear and good boss damage and mobility. I think most people enjoy playing high swiftness classes.

I think EO is medium difficulty to play. I’ve heard RS is a bit harder. With EO, just be mindful of trying to use your hardest hitting skills when self-buffed with Energy Release (your largest buff). You have smaller burst windows available too. I use stage 2 and only go into 3 at the end of 2 if i know the boss will be available for the duration with high uptime or if my awakening/ultimate is available.

Not my main, but i got mine to 1370.

It feels like i’m doing too much for too little, while running 4x3 energy overflow/precise dagger/adrenaline and increase mass

The gameplay is fine but there is no huge unga bunga number, although you feel very mobile. It is fun, but i don’t expect to reach peak performance, hence its an alt.

You seem like someone who might enjoy RS more. Bigger numbers.

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Oh i’ve tried! However there is plenty of downtime it seems, and everyone tells me that this is a setup that benefits more from higher spec, while i’m planning to keep her at 1370 for a long while :,)

I see a handful of Soulfist during matchmaking queues but every single one of them is running Energy Overflow. If you like spamming buttons often, you’ll like it EO.

For me however, I actually enjoy Robust Spirit. Sadly during T1 & T2 you will suffer with the auto attack spamming after your Hype runs out. In the 1340-1370 you start getting enough Spec that you can feel the silver lining. There is about a 20 seconds window for my Hype to recharge. Which is getting close to where I can throw 1 rotation and have the abilities come off CD when Hype is ready again… just not quite there, maybe with some Relic accessories.

If you enjoy classes where you squeeze you’re damage in, during buff windows you’ll like Robust Spirit. It is a pretty long term investment class. Notice how I only have 500k Silver? Yeah the gem rerolled killed my silver and just buying the gems on the AH wasn’t really possible because the gems don’t exist there or they are priced higher than other classes. T3 Rare/Epic accessories were non exist with SF class engravings when I was in that stage. I was running a t2 earring up until 1370 just to keep 3 RB.

Two things that hurt Robust is the energy penalty, hitting 0 energy feels extremely awful since it shuts you out of using abilities till you get full energy again. The other being you feel like an absolute turtle in movement speed. I have all the female martial artist classes and they are all very mobile in Boss fights, whereas my Robust Spirit seems to lack that. Flash Step covers a lot of ground with the 3x uses but it will drain all your energy if you’re not careful. This is why I ended up getting Spirit Absorption.

I’d like to push her to 1415 but I have too many alts bleeding my resources dry lol.

[1435 eo soulfist here.

Full budget engravings](Any T3 Soulfist Energy Overflow mains? - #4 by SoulArker).

Hello, mained Soulfist until 1385 and swapped to my Lancemaster (currently 1447). I have to say that with the balance patch that released, Soulfist is currently a BEAST if you play her properly. I don’t regret swapping because I enjoy my LM a lot, but with the buff that Soulfist received I wouldn’t mind her as my main.

Things have to be said however :

  • Soulfist is hard, like, really, really hard to play. Getting used to her is really difficult and mastering her is virtually impossible.

  • Soulfist is expensive. This character does not run properly like a Scrapper or Berserker would even when not geared, she needs her cooldown gems, high quality Swiftness or Specialization accessories (depending on which class engraving you chose) and requires some tripods too.

  • High risk high reward. Soulfist is the squishiest martial artist, she can die surprisingly fast outside of the Energy Release effect. The rotation (especially in Robust Spirit) is extremely tight and a single slip can mess everything and render you useless for the next 15 sec (getting Energy Release cancelled for exemple), and if you don’t catch up to a second rotation before the end of your Hype your are useless again for about 20 more seconds. If you play Energy Overflow the rotation isn’t as strict but Hype management is crucial to maximize your damage output, it will take a lot of getting used to.

If you want a challenge and to push your limit, get a Soulfist. However I personally do not recommend her as an alt, unless you invest a lot in her. Also the gameplay experience before 1370 is atrocious.

To each their own. Truely, I’m glad people enjoy different builds. There’s already too many Sorcs… But yeah. I forgot to mention in my post one of the big reasons I didn’t like RS was because of having to manage my energy as well as self-buffs and being ready to go for burst at the proper times. I’d lose all my energy dodging mechs or trying to gap close and then lose my burst phase. I’m impressed people make it work and love it. But you need to know which is for you. The two builds are VERY different.

Even when my hype is on CD making everything hit a lot weaker and my cooldowns are much lower, I can still spam my buttons in my shorter bursts. I do auto-attack, but not for 20 seconds like a 1370 RS needs to. I wonder what the downtime is reduced to at 1445+ - 15 seconds? I’m sure it feels better and better with higher gear. Just not for me.

I wouldn’t say EO is pure spam though where you press whatever comes off cooldown. I still try to line some things up for smaller bursts.

It feels like pure spam rn at 1435. (1500 swift).
I usually have 1 skill ready to go, and if I do have a skill downtime, it doesn’t last more than 2 secs.
I can’t wait for the dominion set with 18% additional cooldown.

Keep grinding bro. It was definitely a shieet show below 1415. All my damages sucked, especially with bad tripods

I’m guessing you still try to line up your biggest hitters like merciless pummel in your 6 second energy release window. I feel like you might delay a few skills be a couple seconds to get better line-ups. I also run conviction and judgement for lower cooldowns but it requires trying to line certain skills up as well.

I’m just saying there are some classes where there is literally pure spam (I think sharpshooter is one) and almost no considerations are made on which skills you use when.

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Yeah you’re right, I usually line up energy release with tempest blast and merciless pumell.

It took sometime to get use to

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You don’t go precise dagger. It’s the number 1 mistake SF enthusiasts make while trying her out. Play half crit half swift stat distribution and go EO/Adre/Grudge/KB and you’ll see her OPness seep through. No point doing full swiftness at that point until you get your relic set.

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Good to know, i really did go all in with swift and ended up with 17% crit from necklace :thinking:

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Learn to use your skill correctly is the most important thing

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Yeah. You have a point here. Prior to 1445, going super high swift to try for raid captain I don’t think is enough to reach the breakpoint (140% movement speed) of it being worth. But I’m not sure. As for pushing stats towards crit to reach the breakpoint (60% crit hit) for Keen Blunt… I’m not sure you reach that either TBH. But I haven’t done the calculations. With 1445 set bonus, then you can probably do either or both. Again, no math done.

I main robust SF currently at 1445. There was a recent crit nerf that was unmentioned in one of the last 2 “patches/maintenance” I went from critting my spirit bomb 8/10 times to the last 2 weeks only critting 2/10 times with no change in gear or engravings. My crit sits at 73%. With that said, before this I was hitting ~50mil spirit bomb crits on valtan and deskaluda and they are so rewarding. It’s a fun class, don’t expect to have most dmg done but you can expect to be on the board in 8 man raids if you play it well. The conviction/judgement nerf really hurt the robust build as well because skills have decent cool down time, so you end up having to do a few auto attacks while waiting for CDs. Going from hitting those big 50mil crits to hitting 18mil crits is very disheartening and I will have to end up dropping spec to pick up more crit which will affect how often my hype is up which will suck but honestly I play SF for the big spirit bomb numbers. You also have to know boss fights and mechanics more than any other class I’ve played.

EO main at 1470, I simply love my Soulfist and her little copy (I have many alts Soulfist)

To me its the best class in the game <3