Any Stagger build lancers here?

I just saw Endiem8 version, makes me want to create a tanky , staggering support type lancer. Anyone here have any variation on the build?

That’s not a thing.

Only for hellmode, but you can pick whatever you want for hellmode in book of coordination.

Gunlancer already has by far the highest stagger alongside destroyer and there’s no point in wasting your damage and speed on getting more stagger.

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wouldn’t it increase the number of stagger per fight, which means more damage for raid team? not to mention less damage on them.

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It’s irrelevant in NM/HM.

not to mention less damage on them.

You’re a gunlancer, you already don’t take damage.

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what do you mean its irrelevant? like it won’t increase the number of stagger per fight? Or that stagger don’t really matter in your opinion?

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When doing valtan you will have 3 break chance with stagger (not more than this because many times he got all immunities, and in ghost mode full immunities all along). With groups with gunlancer and destroyer without stagger build it’s already doable. Without gunlancer and destroyer maybe just 1 /3 stagger break.

So, Are 2 stagger breaks (which only last a few seconds) profitable, if during 20 minutes of fight you only inflict 40% of the damage you would have inflicted without the stagger build ?

If your team has already gunlancer, destroyer, and berserker it’s already not worth it.

Ps: I’m only talking about valtan NM/HM


Thanks for the detailed explanation. It makes sense now .

No problem. I really think it’s a shame that these kind of builds are almost never used. I hope that in future updates in Korea they will make this kind of builds usefull in more situation.

I’d be surprisingly happy to compare myself with a good gunlancer or destroyer with more or less equivalent stuff to see if either of them can stagger me with my taijutsu swift scrapper. I’ve never run into anyone above me since I’m T3 and I don’t focus on stagger mainly because I only use one overflow rune on my 20% stagger buff to the group.