Any Updates on Guild leave Penalty?

With the new guild content popping up recently I would LOVE to participate in it, but if I leave my dead guild I will have to wait 16+ days before I can enjoy anything. :frowning: And I’m sure I’m not the only one…

We have a post where @Shadow_Fox helped us acknowledge the issue would be brought to the team, but there were no updates afterward. I’m wondering if there have been talks about it or any other updates on the matter that the support team could share just to ease my - and all others - frustrations.

On a side note, thanks for all the hard work @Roxx @Shadow_Fox @OminousOnion and others on the team are doing. I’ve experienced this community for a while now, your job is not easy! :sweat_smile:

Post: Guild leave penalty - #10 by Makimakinho

If you stay for one month in a guild the penalty time resets back to one day. So make sure to check it before leaving

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