Any way to craft potions without stronghold (mine is still broken since server crash 3 weeks ago)

Is there any way to craft HP potions outside of the stronghold? From what i understand, that would be the main place to make them, but my stronghold has been down for ± 20 days since the Galatur server crashed. No luck with support yet via many tickets and chats, so im hoping there’s another way to make potions. To be clear, all i can do in my stronghold is craft flares and send out a boat. I’m stuck on the quest to make said boat due to the server crash, so i’m hoping there’s another way to craft necessities.

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I’m sorry to hear that your stronghold hasn’t been working well lately, we surely don’t want this to happen.

Unfortunately the only place where you can craft potions is the stronghold and regarding the issue with the quest I kindly suggest waiting for the resolution of the tickets made by the associates as they sometimes receive a delayed response, if they escalated the case trough the ticket I just mentioned.

Once again I apologize for the inconveniences caused.

See you in Arkesia!:rabbit2::leaves:

Thanks for answering the question. Hopefully you’re correct, but unfortunately i’ve received the same response for the past 20 days and nobody can tell me if it’s even technically possible to fix my issue so i can decide whether to keep playing. Thanks again, though, that’s all i needed!

Also, i assume this is the same with excavating maps? Is stronghold the only place you can get them? Knowledge transfer, new ships etc. would be cool, but those arent in the cards lol.