Any way to make T3 Chaos Dungeons 3rd floor worth doing?

Outside of the first two daily ones you do, of course.

I think it’s just sad that it’s more efficient for players to skip the 3rd floor and leave if theres no gold/red portal. Now, I do these solo 90% of the time on my main, but I can’t imagine how annoying it must be for support characters trying to do this and people leave in pubs. I guess it’s also annoying having to wait an extra 10 seconds for people to leave before you can continue if you’re doing pubs for fun.

Maybe make the rewards better for finishing the 3rd floor? Give a little more extra shards or something for completing it? It’s just sad seeing the third floor be dead content 9/10 times.

To be fair I solo all my chaos dungeons. Literally isn’t a reason to do them in a group and it’s so much quicker then waiting for others especially since it scales to the number of players. It might not be that ideal on support classes though but I assume you can switch to a “DPS” spec to speed it up.

8-12k xp & 3-4k silver they give. If you stack that it’s not too bad.