Any way to take name from existing char and put it on new char?

Basically the title. Was wondering if I could switch names from an old class to an upcoming class when it comes out

All you can do is delete the char holding the name that you want

If that char is higher than lvl 10 after deleting him you’ll have to wait 60 days before being able to use the name again

While if it is lower than lvl 10 you can use it immediately after deletion

That’s not true at all. If you buy a name change ticket and use it on the original character, that character’s original name will be opened up after a minutes.

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Is that true? Like have you tried or could you link me where you found this information to understand?

Yes I did it with my sorc between t1 and t2. Name change ticket to a new name. A couple minutes later the old name was freed up and I’ve been using it on another alt ever since.

Granted that was 2+ months ago and there could have been a stealth change in a patch that was never mentioned. But I can say that it certainly worked as of then.

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Thanks for the information, i didn’t know about that

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