Any word in increasing limit for North Vern knowledge transfer?

Been saving a slot for future classes, but now I know that they won’t be releasing as fast as I thought, I’d like to start using my knowledge transfer.

Please clarify.

You can share knowledge until Punika?

South Vern is next pack, but that won’t possible happen any time soon. At least non called yet.
you need to have a main at least who passed the quest though.

You can only transfer up to 9 characters to North Vern, then subsequently transfer that toon up til Punika.

But once you reached 9/9 for North Vern, next class you have to lv from 1 to 50 again lol

aah, i didn’t know that, Lol. But might be future update

yeah… I’m fine with doing questlines on continents that you go to after lvl 50 but… lv 1 - 50 i just can’t

if not mistaken in korea they have passes to skip 1-50, I never reached 9 alts, so far i got 3 :smiley: ahah but we will see. Still kost money though if they ever add those in game to skip certain mechanic of the game.