Any word on bots?

I know that Alt + Q is now in the game so bots really dont gotta move but like im not one to care about player number but checked and looks like a plethora of bots have been removed it looks like. any word on this ?

They will be back. Bot devs usually have to rework their scripts after a major patch. Takes a day or so.

Same as last patch… unfortunately…

Wish there was an actual solution.

Last month auto chaos dungeon player still there.
Even some bot are evolving on punika

This one on EU Central - Wei - Punika Ch.13 around 21:31 CET

The battle against the bots is ongoing for sure.


The word is “bird” :surfing_woman:

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good job guys no bot in NA Azena for now… :slightly_smiling_face:

@Shadow_Fox not only the bot,also lot of player use this cheat to farm gold and mats.


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bots, not players

Bots still spamming me by whisper when I log. It grows every day and when are you going to stop this?

They cant, imo situation will get better in last months of this year. Do not expect faster way.

shouldn’t players who are botting be counted in that? they are the same thing…

im sure they got a way to see infinite chaos bots as most bots I would assume are not gonna be in the open but using the Alt + Q to queue. Which would be easier for the devs to see them standing for hours in one spot and queueing only chaos. I kinda think that’s why they implemented the Alt + Q cause I heard KR players were complaining about it cause it feels not mmo ish the game. But yes I just like when the dev says something in the patch notes like we have further banned more bots or have implemented more ways for bots to get caught or some.

Bird bird bird… the word is the bird

First of all, declare that normal players should not be curious and click to download
Secondly, I hope that more just people can often reflect this problem to the governmen
I put the address of this software here. I hope the management personnel can carefully verify this script and eradicate it,
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The following link is the script program just updated today
This cheating software needs an activation code, which is useless for non professionals to download
cheat software

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word is… they exist!