Any word on steam deck support

We are in April now game is out and lots of us are getting one any word on when the anti cheat software will be updated to allow play on steam os?

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Probably never because of EAC

EAC already works with the Steam Deck (Linux). This was dealt with months ago before end-users were shipped Decks. It’s almost as easy as flipping a switch and entirely up to the devs to actually do something with their worthless anti-cheat.

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Wonder what Elden Ring uses for an anti cheat… Oh wait…

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My Steamdeck also arrives tomorrow and i would love to get a feedback fropm you guys !

Pls Support Steamdeck! it would be wonderfull

Did receive my Steam Deck 5 days ago and hoped, that the update today change the little File in Easy Anti Cheat, that it will be compatible with Steam Deck.

Just Change the little thing !

Its just one file for the developers away to let us play LostArk in Bed, in Train in Airport everywhere… please !


We’re going to figure out how to contact Smilegate then as Amazon has no developers or programmers working on this game. Anyone know how to contact Smilegate?

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Bump. I just received my Deck too and would love to run LA on it.

@Roxx maybe you could pass this on to the team?

No update on this yet, but it would be awesome for sure! Will pass this along.


Thank you <3

Thank you, yes please! I know it’s probably not a huge playerbase, but it would also open up Linux for others too. I’d love to do my Chaos Dungeons on the couch in the morning.

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As another Steam Deck enjoyer, I’d love to see this too. Even it it was just for me to manage my Stronghold tasks and run through dailies, this would be a huge QoL update.


Please make it happen guys… I have a few friends who refuse to start playing lost ark until steam deck is supported :smiley:


I just recieved my steamdeck and want to play LA on the go! Please bump this!

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For anyone who is trying to play LA on their Deck right now here is some advice to play LA with your Deck in steps:

Make sure both devices are using the same internet connection
Ensure you’ve logged into your Steam account on your primary LA PC and your Deck
Enabled Remote Play under Steam Settings on your PC rig
Check to ensure Remote Play is functioning on the Deck
Start LostArk on your PC
On your Deck go to the LostArk game app, beside the play button should be a drop down select your PC “Your Computer Name here”
Select “Connect/Stream” where the “Play/Download” button was on the steamdeck app of LA
Now you’re playing LA on your Steamdeck

Have fun! Hopefully we’ll get support for the game soon! I can say that playing it on the Deck is a treat and would be the best experience if it was played by the SteamDeck itself.

Gilmagnus [Heroic Founder] of server Azena


Please make this happen! Other unreal engine 3 games work perfectly on Steam Deck, please configure EAC! <3