Any Word On Unreleased Skins?

By “unreleased skins” I mean content like Legendary Skins - which we were supposed to get with Yoz’ Jar - and skins from the KR Mileage shop, which apparently isn’t making its way to Global either. Does SG/AGS have any sort of plan for these? My dollars are waiting patiently…

I understand that we’re not retroactively getting weapon class skins from classes released after a set went out of the shop (i.e. Neon weapon for Summoner/Reaper) but it would also be nice to know if anything change about that.

Thanks in advance!

maybe u can use your dollars in other game,this game probably is gonna die en 2,3 months

Please lend me your crystal ball or better next time give something meaningful to the topic or just be quiet.