Anybody else HAPPY with the Roadmap?

Nice to see we will still be getting something every month. Hyped for the Witcher event, excited to see the skins and a bit of new horizontal content. Knowing we get Rowen soon is wonderful, I’ve been waiting for more story mode and gives something to grind on alts in downtime. The pacing for Brel Hard / Hanu in April is perfect, gives time to get multiple characters ready and decreases the fomo a bit.

The choice to put Artist in April and not February was a huge misplay though, would’ve been perfect for anniversary and given players time to gear it for Brel Hard. Definitely had their heads up their bums on that one.


i’m very excited to play others games with this 4 month of free time, this is the best gift amazon could have give to us




No, fuck them for censoring the game.








Now would be a good time for AGS to simply explain, why they moved Artist to April, but RADIOSILENCE


I see, that people love to spend 24/7 in this game constantly learning new raids and gatekeep others, but i don’t.
I would say, Artist should be in February and then next class in June, but i have no complaints about the rest.


3 classes a year, every 4 months.
This is the only reason.
Classes will arrive on April, August and December. With their own power pass and hyper express without people asking if there will be any for other classes.

No, only people happy with this road map are 1445 part time dad’s who are madge they can’t keep up and they think this will get them caught up.

Reality is everyone who doesn’t quit will be 1560+ soon and gate keep them at 1475 out of 1520+ only clown and valtan runs.

Majority of players will be bored as hell by February, luckily there is loads of new games out around then so people will slowly quit with nothing useful to do for no reason.


what about 1 class / 2 month like arcana, scout and reap and giving express + pass this was no problem

this flip flap my god

I am happy for brel hard not to come soon.
I hope it gets delayed more.

Artist however should’ve been a surprise new year release

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I am happy we get 4 month break till Brel hard. I can take a break and/or slow down. That was a good call. Artist in April at the same time as Brel hard? I don’t get the launching a new class with a new raid thing. I think a new class a month before a new raid would be ideal. Hell even a week before would be something. I really don’t get their logic because even if their plan was to get people to drop escarole to hone the new said character they won’t have relic set, they will be level 50 I just don’t get it.

As far as censoring the artist skins…look I don’t like censorship of any kind but if it really is spandex shorts underneath the skirts and not anything else like lengthening them or something then who really cares. How many people are trying to sneak a peak up the digital skirt of a digital 12 year old?

Exactly this.

no, you high ?

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They said 2months per class is till end of 2022 and this will change next year.
And there was a problem, check shitstorm on the forum few months back, with people asking for pp every day.

they ask for pp cause nothing was clear for lm and destroyer and scouter they said we don’t know maybe
for reaper and summoner things were clear and nobody complained communication was

i don’t care of ayaya but i’ll have nothing to do litteraly 4 month
i’ll not complain i’ll just play less

Because they were not planning on giving them. But people got mad they would have to buy them, spammed forum and ags in the end agreed to give us one. Reading CMs messages you can spot they mentioned many times we are getting more classes in one year, and they were planning to give pp for every second one. Just the pressure from “gimme” forum users changed their plans.

instead of giving pp they could release class faster and not giving pp but now they decided to do their stupid business intelligence marketing hype

they handled the game like garbage since february