Anyone DC even more after updaing EAC?

Disconnected once then updated EAC, then within past 15 mins, 5 dcs, including 1 eac offline. anyone else?

Yep today is the first day in a while that i have dc’ed 5 times within 30 minutes. Very good fix :+1:

Yes way way way more

I’ve DC’d four times in the past two hours. Twice now in 15 minutes. Someone think of the children!

Yesterday’s EAC update was a rollback to the previous module, which was to resolve problems with CPU temperatures as well as the game not fully closing after exiting. This would not have had any direct impact on increasing disconnect issue over the previous weeks as this current module has been in place for some time. Regardless, I apologize to those who are experiencing more disconnects today. Will keep an eye on that uptick.

And that worked great. An improvement in performance was immediately noticed (although we are not yet at the level of the kr/ru client in terms of performance)

I hope you continue on this path to make the game smoother (i.e. faster loading textures, faster game loading, and more fps)

Uninstalled LOA and hoping to come back when you happen to patch this properly

Well just letting you know NAE is on fire extra bad today. Between 5 of us on UNA we’ve dc’ed 20 times in the last hour or so.

i literally dced today 6 times in a row and not to mention ping spikes, this is a shit show for real.

Just fix the disconnects already. It’s far beyond old at this point

before maintenance today playing 10hrs straight no dc at least for me.

Today got dc like 8 time thanks for resetting EAC now after maint I might can’t. Play gJ

Did the EAC “FIX” -

Loading times are now longer, including bifrost, switching chars, etc
CPU/FPS wise, didnt notice anything
My game now exits right after i get DC.

thanks for this great fix :slight_smile:

Went from dcing 5-10 times a day to 1-2 times a day, but its takes longer time in the loading screen so idk man LOL

actually it’s better after doing the rollback on eac
no more cpu core 1 is kidnapped by eac and run at 100%
now all cpu core is running at normal usage

uninstall and install again EAC and then do repair service too after that.

I’ve given up playing on a regular basis. Such a shame as I really liked this game, now it’s just log in, collect daily, maybe do a few chaos or guardian every few days. The DC issue has killed it for me sadly.

I have not. However I don’t know if I have the new EAC version active or not.

I have the new file, I have not rolled it back, but according to the claimed fix and rollback, I might not have the newest version “active” as I haven’t rebooted my Windows in about 30 days.

I get occasional disconnects. I’ve had few days ago nasty disconnct right after doing challenge abyss and seeing how it had legendary selection pack. Right before second auction I disconnected, then by the time I got back, it instantly closed the abyss after I entered it, and I just received 3000g on mail. I would have likely bid far more on it.

Disconnects on raids is not that bad, if some players disconnect and you can’t continue, usually they return fast enough so you can just restart and continue.

Once I had long freeze, like 10 seconds, after which the game resumed, and I see few players having disconnected. So somehow mine was able to resume from it, while others had to reconnect. That’s a bit strange because it happens at the same time to several players, me included, but mine was able to resume without disconnect.

I don’t see other players disconnecting more, or less. The disconnects seem fairly random, but they do seem to happen more often on just about getting MVP screens, no idea why. But sometimes I can be afk for few minutes in my stronghold and when I alt-tab back I need to reconnect, so it can happen nearly everytime.

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