Anyone Else Feel Like SharpShooter is Weak AF?

I main a pally and started leveling my Sharpshooter as an alt. He is getting close to getting into T3 and since day one I’ve felt like the Sharpshooter does shit all for damage even compared to my Pally in support spec while I was leveling,…

On top of that, the class is called a “sharpshooter” and the only way to build towards your hawk meter is to use close combat skills like Blade Storm. Long-range class with a bow that has been be in close range to be effective… What is this trash?

I’m pretty much following build with +2 Super Charge and +2 Loyal Companion with +3 Hit Master with 10+ on all my purple gear, and even killing trash mobs is a pain… what gives?


answer is no it is not weak, it is extremly strong if u actually use ur abilities like intended and hit the right zones with ur charging skills…

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Yes I do that all the time. Use something like Rapid Shot to apply the debuff then go to down as recommended on and it still feels weak af.

apparently not … because it rivals Sorc in terms of dmg at the moment if played correctly

So I grouped with one on my Bard, like a good one, not run of the mill SS.

The dude literally put out 60% of the damage with a Sorc and Zerk in.

I’m pretty sure he was running the death strike burst build. Literally insane how much dps he was putting out.

I think you can YouTube it as I have a Sharpshooter alt that I’ve parked for leveling a deadeye.

Yes I hate myself but shotguns and super high skill classes are something I enjoy :joy:

I made also made a Gunslinger and while she is only near the end of T1 right now she outpaces my Sharpshooter in terms of DPS for sure.

Also, Gunslinger is overall better than Deadeye as it has more defenses, hp, hits just as hard and doesn’t require you be behind the target for full DPS like Deadeye does. I was going to make a Deadeye simply because I wanted a male toon but the pros of Gunslinger over Deadeye was way to much.

On my Sharpshooter I just replaced Super Charge with Keen Blunt and the increased DPS from crits seems to help abit. I need to work on getting more crit jewelry but I’m going to hold off on that until T3. I have a feeliing Sharpshooter is one of those classes that only get good at T3+.

it performs the same functions a sorc does except has less stagger/weak point, less mobility, and less flashy skills

No, i play with a friend who is sharpshooter and is almost always top damage. Even in 8 mans.

Dont play loyal companion, go for the other class engraving. Sharpshooter has a lot of damage, if you struggle to kill trashmobs you are doing something horrible wrong.

No he’s not.

He provides a TON of offensive utility especially to other ranged classes. Hawk provides movement bonus to the whole group and Death Strike as well as other abilities provide damage enhancement debuffs on the boss. In short, he makes the group a lot more powerful offensively. That’s in addition to his own mobility and damage output (which is considerable if you play him right.)

He’s not a pure damage dealer he’s more of an offensive oriented support class. He boosts the damage output of the entire party.

they not not on the higher end damage classes with many skills, they are mobility ./ chasedown / chaser with high potential of being able to deal consistant damage without taking damage. Their high damage numbers you will see in game 700k+, comes from constant damage, and their ranged burst they switch to sometimes, before going back to melee. best I have seen of a gunslinger is around 900k.
They are not weak by any means, and because of their mobility / constant cc / rather easy to land combo that does around 60% of a persons life from cc chain, they are the dominant class in 1v1 in a majority of the situations.

you do realize sorc has no mobility skills, only their spacebar. Otherwise their x (which they have to charge from damage, and at max charge can be used a total of twice before completely drained?
Sorc has no mobility… compared to a gunslinger that has many skills built around mobility, and can get out of cc with one of their skills…

I cant believe this post was ever written wtf is wrong with you?

do you not understand that gunslinger and sharpshooter are two different classes?

Stop blindly following guides and start reading your skills and engravings

Absolutly not weak, ure probly using crap build.

Yes I know the different classes and I stated the differences already. So what are you posting this stupid ass shit? Doesn’t even have anything to do with Sharpshooter which is literally what the topic is about.

Blindly? Its Created and composed of hardcore Korea players before Western Release was even a thing. So no its hardly just “blindly the following trash builds” try again.

Even on Lost Ark discord stating Sharpshooter is basically weak af until they get maxed out engravings so basically until T3.

wasnt talking to you

So use this thing called REPLY so people know who the hell you are talking to. Learn to forum properly.


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