Anyone Else Feel Like SharpShooter is Weak AF?

Alright so keep being a boomer.

i will

Hi, 1370 Sharpshooter here.

The class is incredibly weak in my opinion, my Sorc is 1340 and completely destroys my Sharpshooter in damage with little to no effort and no risk compared to my Sharpshooter that has to constantly dash into melee range to play optimally.

Maybe the Sharpshooter gets better much later on, but for now I can only agree that Sharpshooter damage feels actually pathetic.


Death Strike buff only applies to himself, not the party.

So far tonight ive won 7 pvp games in a row and got 5 MVPs in a row for pve on my sharpshooter. One of them with 45% dmg dealt. This is only in t1 though as i only made my sharpshooter recently, its burst is insane though. Aslong as you fit your 4 main skills into that deathstrike + amp dmg window it does crazy damage.

Eh, as T3 Sharpshooter with perfect stat weights, engravings and rotation, my 1370 Sharpshooter gets easily outdamaged by my 1340 Sorc.

Don’t talk about crazy damage when my Sharpshooter can do maybe 4M in 30s rotation and my Sorc does 15M in 15s :joy:

Maybe go hit the dummy rather than just pull numbers up though… Either way as i said t1 im dominating the damage and ive seen some pics on the forum here of some t3 sharpshooters getting mvps. The only reason they are considered low tier in KR for pve is that its hard to get the whole combo off in the window due to having to move so much in the higher fights, but its damage potential should be fairly good just requires more effort/skill to pull off.

I didn’t just make up the number I’ve been fighting T3 guardian raid bosses for 3 Weeks.

At 1370 your Death Strike (level 3) will hit 1M~ crit then Snipe will hit about 2.4M and Charged shot will hit about 1.3M, if you can get arrow wave in that will be another 1M, Sharpshooter will get about the same.

At 1340 a Sorc Arcane Doomsday is a 1.5s cast time and does 6M+ damage.

Literally more damage than Sharpshooter entire rotation in a single button, and 30 ilvls lower.

Yeah I’m only 1100 on my Sharpshooter but that is exactly how I’m feeling about the class currently. The combo of weak armor, lower survivability due to literally having to use melee range abilities to build up a meter, and low avg DPS just makes the class feel weak for the amount of effort you need to put into the class to keep them alive while dealing DPS and building up your meter.

In Korea they call it the ‘Budget Sorceress’ since it plays the same role in a party, only worse in all aspects (part Break, Stagger)

Well explains why I feel like it plays like ass.

Also explains why I don’t see many people playing Sharpshooter.

KR stats will tell you the story, Sharpshooter is not even 3% of the playerbase.

Sorceress is 17%.

Stats don’t lie.

Sir, you clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Do you think there is a reason, why 20% play Sorc and only 2% Shooter?

Do you guys build him crit? where you guys putting stats?

Yes following as recommended.

And as I stated I’m only in T2 but I have as much crit as I can build and moved from Super Charge to Kleen Blunt. And while crit helps he still feels weak compared to my other classes.

And on top of that here is a list of Popularity for class choices. Sharpshooter isn’t even 4% or top 15 and rated as class B tier…

There are several reasons why no one plays it. First, and i think the biggest one, are the YouTube videos from nonamers. They literally destroyed the shoot before the game even started. Second biggest reason is the melee aspect, i guess. No one likes ranged classes diving in. ANd the last one is input output thing. You just clearly need to do so many things right, compared to other ranged classes, Deadeye excluded.

Friend of mine is sorc and i play shooter. When i hit 1302 with my deathblade, i rerolled to shooter. We both are 1360+. Its funny to play, but your dmg is low, compared to sorc, barb, db and slinger. For my part, the class is fun, you can be MVP and you still have your ranged skills and you are underdog. I maybe saw 3 other shooter in abyss and guardians. So play what ever you like, dont just hunt the MVP.

Go for double class Engraving, hit master, keen blunt. THere a different builds out there. One is only lonly, one is only death, but both pared is also awesome, since you have 3 debuffs and your dmg will be higher.

Sounds about right.

But again issue is im 1100 almost into T3 and its my only alt close to T3 so it would be a waste of time to reroll now. Need to stick it out with this class to T3 then change. Atleast I can use it to farm T3 mats for my main or something.

i used this guide, pretty awesome dude. Everything included and i run the double class engraving build.

Yea, that what i did. So you can farm T3 while lvling or questing. Which class do you plan to main?