Anyone Else Get False Banned?

Not sure how I ended up here but, I randomly got an email from Lost Ark saying that my account was perma banned.

The last time I was on the game was 41 days ago and now I get a message saying I was banned for cheating. This is my friends SS of me on his friends list.

This is a false ban and AGS are not willing to look at my account. They are not even willing to give me a specific reason as to why I was banned aside from “Cheating”.

I don’t know why I was banned and how. My friend said recently there was a Mass ban on bots that which also has innocent players randomly affected by it as well.

I appealed and they said that the initial action still stands.

Not sure what to do from here.

Will provide any information needed to prove that I was not cheating.

i got banned for code of conduct 10010 but they unbanned me after 16h of sending a ban appeal just send an appeal and hopefully they will unban you.
also people said sometimes you will end up with a bot respond from them just send another appeal until you end up with a real person who review it and hopefully everything will be fine for you as well

I went through the appeals process for “ban when not infringing”.
My experience after getting my account back can help you.
The first. appeal by “appeal ban” is useless.
Second. You should go to the “BUG” column to write an article about your problem and mention the items as you said. Especially about money. Talk about what a good and potential customer you are. You get banned is an error from the scan. treat it like a BUG.
Then you talk directly with the support staff “live chat”.
Ask them to see your post and help you write a report ticket on your account. Assure them that it is a bug. Then inquire about it after 18h 24h 32h for more information if they need it. Ask them to check the ticket that was created earlier.

if you are really unreasonably banned. Please message me.
I have successfully appealed under my terms. I’ll show you - this is a non-economic help.
It is an experience to be shared.
Summary: create a topic in the “bug” section. send link to support live chat. request a bug ticket - remember to report it as a bug because of that bug you got banned. “the error here is that the automatic ban system has failed and misinterpreted your account as fraudulent”.

Thank you, i’ll wait 1 day and send again

I will 100% give this a go. And will update you on what happens after I try this. Thank You

oh. you just try 1 time. no no~ you should try many time. meet more and more supporter… because they had many style @_@ someone want to help. some want dont

ye ima just spam em with appeals xD

dont spam appeal :)) chat with support and ask a ticket about your case.

I was also banned in this bot ban wave and no response to the ban appeal. I received no email about being banned, just can’t login anymore and it says Banned. Sent two appeals and no response, very frustrating.

I have checked their support, but not seen a chat, but maybe I am looking in the wrong place

Yup amazon support is one of the most pathetic things in the world

try to report and ask to help. supporter had many style. maybe someone can help…
i had ban 2 time before

So I tried to do the chat, and they will not help with ban issues. You have to wait for an eternity on the web ticket :frowning:

Hello @Kazzzzz, @Razinth Welcome to the forums.

I am sorry to hear about the issues with the bans, currently only the appeals team is able to review bans so I would recommend you to go trough the appeal option again so the team can check what happened, here is the link with the information on how to appeal the ban:

Hope this helps.