Anyone else get this weird visual bug this newest update?

Ok so This is what my character looked like last patch normal regular eyebrows, but for some reason her eyebrows have become bigger and are just pure white now

I thought it was only on my end that the eyebrows looked like that, but my friends said they could see the eyebrows when they inspected me and it was on the end of raid screen. I sent an e-mail to support so hopefully it gets resolved soon, but thought I would share since I didn’t see anyone mention this on the forum yet.

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I have this same bug, my character beard used to be all white, all of the sudden got change to yellow, can any mod check this? @Shadow_Fox

Hello and welcome to the community @Radiisu. We appreciate your report. This is an odd cosmetic bug and I’m sorry this happened! Could I have your Character name and Server? :slightly_smiling_face:

Radiisu and the server is Elzowin

Appreciate the additional information. I will get this forwarded to the Development team! :slightly_smiling_face:

My preset was overwritten for some reason and the opacity for eyebrows make up was set to max.

How she is supposed to look.

Please help me fix my eyebrows.

My eyebrows are jacked!

How can i even wear a bikini looking like this?

Its blursed
Screenshot 2022-07-21 105222

please @o-o we need an update related to this issue, u have seen it happend to a lot of people , and it seems to be related to martial artists and with that face preset , and it came with the latest patch , thats all i know from searching through every post related to eyebrows, please it has been 7 days that ive been playing with this ugly character, let the team know and please… communicate with us.

i have the same wierd eye brow bug as well…

is this a common bug that is going to be fixed soon?

just in case i ll leave my char’s name: BurstingFlavour (she is my scrapper alt) , Inanna Server

I apologize for the delayed response. I understand this bug is terrible and unsightly, but this has been flagged and the team is aware!

@Akimasu Thank you for coming forward and informing us you’re experiencing this horrendous bug as well.

i already bought a ticket for my character but still hope i get compensated somehow