Anyone Else getting disconnected

I think there are alot of bots crashing the server today my internet is fine.


Yes, twice already in about two hours today on NAW

Yep i thought so i am not doing dailies anymore today this happened last time. Has to be the huge bot wave.

just got kicked out of argos bc of a DC

EUW this time too

getting big lag spikes in guardian raids

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So its confirmed watch your dailies guys we know amazon wont give us mats back.

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Yea i got today many disconnection. also have my vykas party members living same problem…

dc during final phase of valtan and cant login anymore. We need an explanation ags.

Yea glad its not just me lol gonna pvp while they fix

EUC dead :+1:

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didn’t got dc yet but its really laggy

Same thing happening on NAWest Enviska. Just get a random lag spike and disconnected from server every hour or so. Honestly, so annoying. Been happening since server reset this week.

Wait for it it happend to me on my bard and chaos dungeon on my destroyer

Check their ilvl, if they are 1325, they are 100% Thronespire bots.

yup got ms from 250-11000 (normally 20-40)
this is the 3rd today

and if this keeps happening when i log in they gonna restrict my acc or something

TBF I have like 3 1325 lopang slaves so IDK about that, but lots of bots n lag today :frowning:

same for Elzowin server
did a deskaluda and the boss kept freezing aswell as 2 other members DC followed with random massive ping spikes

EUW , doing Vykas. At least one player is disconnected in almost every minute, and when everyone is in, there are 5 sec lags multiple times in a run, rendering it almost unplayable

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