Anyone else getting errors like G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT?

These errors have been happening to people since launch. They happened to me early on and then I had very few incidents for a long time. The update 2 weeks ago started it back up and this time its out of control.

I get kicked out of my chaos dungeons and raids frequently. I don’t dare play my main first but it’s still shitty to lose progress on my alts.

There is zero support for this. They tell you to go check out some random persons “fix” which is sometimes a temporary fix. Am i supposed to do these steps everytime I want to play the game?

I don’t care about honing fails or anything and really enjoy the game but this will be the thing to drive me away. Anyone else having these issues?

I’ve asked in the help and reported bug section, a friend of mine gets kicked from the game 6-7 times a day from these.

Have yet to get any assistance :frowning:

SPELP is a connection error that can be related to multiple things going wrong with communications between the player and game/world servers. Often, repeated SPELP errors for players that aren’t tied to any other specific problems wind up being local connection issues, which can be difficult to solve for – some of the fixes will work for specific players/issues, some will not.

I do apologize that this is continuing to happen for you, and we are working to clarify messaging and fixes wherever we can.


To @Roxx point, I have noticed an increase in these errors when playing on Wireless, even full bars with no other applications dropping (discord stays live, other applications are fine) but the game drops with an SPELP error.

Perhaps the game is just not coded very well to handle small dips in connectivity?

All I’ve encountered exclusively occurred when switching areas, not from local connection problems. Some aspect of the handoff of a player to another server is failing.

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Appreciate this note, If you have the full SPELP error with all the numbers and what not that’s also helpful for me to pass along.

So by local connection issues you are saying this is on my end? It didnt start acting up like this until your update 2 weeks ago. No other games do this.

Sure thing, the next time I swap over to my laptop I’ll run some tests and provide that information.

I play hardwired. Can’t get through a chaos dungeon.


The last one I have a screenshot for is from Tuesday and is a SPCLP, not a SPELP. Not sure what the difference is. On entering another area like when joining an instance, the fade to black lingers then ends abruptly with a partially loaded world and this error. It’s somewhat common, a few times a week.

I have the same problem. Contacted their support 10 days ago, submitted a ticket, and was assured that they will contact me in 48-72h. Still waiting.

Last reply they gave me in the support forum was to contact support directly with a ticket. I’m not holding my breath. If they don’t think its their problem they aren’t going to figure it out.

I contacted their support again with my ticket, lady from CS lied to me that they sent me an email (they didn’t, triple-checked) and then gave me a response from their tech team. “We checked your logs and everything is fine on our end so it’s for sure your pc/internet/fridge/firewall/whatever”. So yeah… The old “everything is working here, did you try to restart your PC?” tells me that they have no clue what is going on or no intention to fix it (or both).

Do any of your other games give you problems like this? None of mine do. Seems odd they think it’s on our end. I wonder how many people have left over this error.

Of course, they don’t. In the last year, I played (and still playing some of them) like 6+ online games on the same PC with the same internet and obviously with the same software, never had any problems :slight_smile:
“It’s on your end” is a typical response to give when they don’t know what is going on but instead of dealing with the issue they just want to get rid of it to complete a “task”. Most of the people (like me) will just give up so they didn’t do anything and “solved” the problem.

If i play any yt vid or twitch stream in the background im getting either this error or infinite loading screen on my (crappy) laptop this started to happend since the anti-bot update. I guess the game + background programs just eat too much and the game gives up. So ye in my case it actualy is on my end since the problem goes away when i have only lost ark opend (not ideal but what can you do) :face_in_clouds:

I usually have my browser open on 2nd monitor but that’s about it. Ill try keeping everything closed next couple of days and see what happens. Thanks for the info.

Keep in mind that my laptop is 6 years old 8gb of ram and 860m (or whatever it is called) graphic card. Honestly i’m surprised that it didn’t spontaneously combust after opening browser. Nevertheless i hope it it will work for you as well.

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I have exact same errors , since the launch - mainly dungeons - no problems with other games as well. I have a desktop PC witch is not the newest one but fully capable to run all triple A titles in 3440x1440. Im using a very solid ethernet connection. Tried some tips offered by support- nothing helps. And yes it is a pain to drop out on Argos or Oreha

A friend of mine had the same issue. Then he started using a VPN and now he no longer gets booted.