Anyone else gradually swapping over to a Support Roster?

Planning to remove most of my DPS alts for supports with future upcoming powerpasses and hyperexpresses as we go on simply because the amount of gatekeeping and sheer amount of time it takes to create legion raid groups as a dps class (where theres always a more juiced version of you applying for the very same raid) is just too annoying. I already have 1 support and am currently running valtan + vykas + clown fast than making a Brel G1-4 group on my dps chars. Its actually cursed, just came out of 2 G1-2 reclear parties who waited 30 minutes for a support back to back, Im done with it.

I can recommend it to everyone trying to make a roster of 6 gold earners with like 1 or 2 DPS mains, you will get through your raiding week way more relaxed, get better groups because gatekeeping doesnt exist for supports and can funnel all your gems / gold more effectively into 1 or 2 DPS classes, because the maintenance cost of your entire Roster will sink drastically.

So bring those Powerpasses AGS, im ready :smiley:


This is exactly what I did a long time ago.

I pass gems around to 6 bards. Another set around to 6 paladins.

I have one sorc who is pretty juicy. Power passes will just be more sorcs.

One of the side effects of doing this is saving big money on gems.


sounds like we need more of you


gems and books

you can but how long can you play a boring class/role & what for ?

If that’s what you have to resort to to enjoy the game my advice would be to find another game, to be honest


what if he is enjoying the game though playing a support?

all support mains i know enjoy playing support


honestly I didnt eve feel more appeal playing a dps Alt over a support, cause even if my alt is juiced its never gonna be dealing the damage my main does, so Id personally rather play 5 supports and just funnel everything in my juiced main or maybe another second main, but IMO everything past 3 dps classes will never be as maintained and be dealing as much damage to feel fun. Like my Glaivier is 1500, full lvl 7 gems, lvl 20 weapon, 5x3 and she just deals such shit numbers compared to my sorceress its not even fun lmao. Id much rather have a 1500 support instead and be done with the weekly shit 10 times faster.


why ? because of the class or accessory quality ?

When Brel came out I pushed my support to my second main so I could learn the fight and get into parties easily. She’s 1540 now.

Currentely my Goldroster is:

1 Pala 1555
1 Pala 1540
3 Pala 1472,5
1 Bard 1520

I tossed all my Gold DPS in August, the gatekeeping started, but It wasnt a problem, I love playing support.

In March my roster will exclude 2 Pala and add 2 Artist (planing 1 1490 day 1, mats already in stock)

the point of the game is to have fun playing it
if that means playing a 5 support roster that is all you

and to be honest if everyone had more than 1 support it would be awesome


no simply because im used to playing a 1540 igniter sorc with almost 100 quality +20 weapon xD

Unless artist is crazy amounts of fun I can’t justify it. As it is I’m replacing my pally on my 6 roster with an artist because it is easily the least fun class I’ve played in this game. Bard also isn’t that much better even if it’s slightly more interactive.

Even If I could find easier groups with a support roster I would have so little fun it would defeat the purpose. Rather spend a little more time finding parties and having fun when I raid than getting into parties quickly and having no fun in the raids.

Artist is coming out so duh? My Paladin is gonna get the boot immediately after the release and if the class is as fun to play as I’m expecting and I can make the class look cool and it doesn’t have dogwater cosmetics then my Arcanist is gonna get the boot too. DB, Glaivier, Artillerist and GS are gonna stay though, they’re so much fun to play as DPS

sure if you enjoy your roster otherwise thats completely fine, I happened to make a lot of bad choiced for the Roster im playing, I dont enjoy Glaivier at all, I dont enjoy Reaper at all, so I am now replacing them with artist and a Gunslinger which are way more up my alley. I might add an Artillerist in the mix because I love the class aswell but as of now I might just finish up my roster with a few more supports to make the weekly grind more chill

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Whats boring for you might be enjoyable to others. Others called the class boring, harped about it online like they are expert on it and it turns out they haven’t even tried it!

Indeed, but first give support a try, if its not for you, then find another game. Also befriending a support wont hurt, I got some messages in game about a trade run or helping a mokoko from ppl I played with.


My current roster is:

1548 Sorceress
1546 Artillerist
1545 Gunlancer
1540 Bard
1465 Deathblade
1465 Glavier

Thus 5 dps and 1 support (however 3:1 dps to support ratio in my main 4). Once Artist releases, my deathblade will be replaced with an artist to make it a 4:2 ratio. Thus I will have a more support-leaning roster (better than 3:1 ratio).

I have 2 bards 1520 but doing chaos with them kills any fun, gonna be demoting them to merely lopang once I finish the 11 lvl 10 gems of my Gls, need 3 CD gems more, got 3 gls 1515 main 1530 and once done with gems gonna hone a couple of gls I have at 1455, those gls have 1 million bound shards and 6k bound leaps so I just need the gold to tap as I also have close to infinite guardian/destruction gems.

I am planning on doing this eventually with my Paladin, he’s just that much fun to play

I don’t have to worry about being top DPS, I just press my buttons, make sure everyone has yearning and buffs with trying to time them with burst phases, along with shields

It’s very simple gameplay that’s relaxing, however that doesn’t mean I still don’t try

I use Magick Stream so doing all this while trying to dodge and keep my stacks is not only fun, but has helped me get better at learning normal patterns, which is my one biggest weakness in the game

A lot, and I mean a lot of supports in this game are supports for instant invites and loot, and just like DPS, there are a lot that are straight garbage, maybe more so than a lot of DPS

The community doesn’t say anything because who’s gonna kick a shitty (and possibly toxic too) support when they can go straight to another party in less than a minute

I digress at this point however

One support is enough for me to be honest, and not gonna lie being 5x3 with almost all level 7 gems is pretty sweet for Clown (sub 1600 Swift however I’m still only level 59 and I wanna upgrade some accessories later to get over 1600 eventually)

Really looking forward to Brel when I get there