Anyone else have really bad luck at honing?

33 failures at ilvl573
I wish someone can beat me, it can absolutely make me feel better


Can I check anywhere how many times i failed?

I sold my skin packs on the market and bought star breath/books to increase my chances. For me, this is better than gambling. I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn’t be happy with bad streaks of rng, so I’m happy to spend the gold and guarantee my sanity past t1/t2. After that I’m fine with the risk. Or I could save gold and gamble, but nah, not for me, I’d rather not feel like crap at the end of the day.

ilvl576, 53 fails.
No more Islands available :frowning:

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No, all my bad luck goes on my stone engravings. Failing multiple 75% chances in a row on my engraving choice or hitting 25% chances successfully on the negatives.

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Call me crazy or stupid but i feel like something with Tier 2 chances are wrong. I failed way too many times when i had like 75%+ odds.

Just posted in bugs ect… I fail dozens of times at 90%

Buy 250 + Legenday Card boxes & NEVER get a Legendary (per the Shop there is a 20% chance of drop. I think they added a zero… More like 2%

WAT ?the legendary card from the box is 0,05% who told you it was 20% xD HAHAHAHAAHAH

ilvl1342, 66 fails :smiling_imp:

and 90% is not 100% … xD are you people incacable of understanding that ?

You are looking at the Any card Pack…

I am talking about the Legendary pack that they say has 20%.

Please stop trolling.

Is there a way to block Trolls from commenting on your threads?

mhm maybe we should wash your mouth with soap then

1st of all you have not bought 250 legendary card packs , there have not been that many in maries shop

2nd show us ur achievements about ur fails and successes if u want ot complain about failing at 90%

1st you are a troll & should be banned from the forums.

2nd I didn’t buy them all. Please just go away brother. I didn’t come here to have to argue with imbicils.

Yep, hope I succeed as much when its at 10% success chance as i do 10% chance to fail at 90%.

Funny, I posted something about this the other day where Im failing 3 out of 6 on a 80% value. Granted I dont have the number count of 33+ but the % of failures really play in favor of failure then succeeding.

% is %, doesn’t matter how you slice it. If I fail 5 out of 10, 50 out of 100, that is not 80% chance.

you know it gets rolled fresh on every single try

It’s pretty broken. On 70% success rate im currently averaging 4 to 5 fails per success. This is clearly not 70%.

It feels like its a gimmick and misleading to get you to spend store cash. If I run out of islands before I am 600 the game is already dead.

bye bye

70% is not 100% every try u have a 70% chance so yeah its completely normal and u are just unlucky

maybe this game is not for you then, and thats fine

Edit: and let me tell you this , if you complain now, because u think u are entitled to a fast upgrade this game is double the amount not for you… we already are able to rush so fast to t2 and t3 without using the shop … and u people still complain while being in t1 and t2 …