Anyone else lose their characters?

Sooo. Am going to be patient, but I see no characters for my server Una…it’s acting like I’m a new player (complete with a re-accept of their ToS)


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yep my char is gone too. Can’t log into Azena

mine is gone aswell…

Same for me, maybe i should have gone to bed and miss that drama… cant log into thirain where my main char is and sure all stuff is bound there.

I just got booted from the server screen, maybe they’re rebooting or something…I’m a bit nervous rn :dizzy_face:

Same here

This is a widespread problem…


Yep, everyone have the same problem. Everyone who bought early start…

Yep, says can’t create, no sign of my characters.

payed for this sigh

Not a real MMO launch without headstart characters disappearing into the ether :smiley:

More downtime. Guess another 9 ours at least

We have received your reports that characters are missing, we are taking servers offline to get this resolved. We apologize for the further delay, we’ll provide updates as soon as possible.

Back to the can’t connect to region message. Am def gonna make that drink now lol

Your characters are fine. Once the servers come up you’ll be able to get on them.

No need to worry.

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Time to get a nice bottle of Bourbon out the cupboard you want rocks with yours

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Gotta wait again guys, we can do it!

I just grabbed some Suntori and am sipping away reading a book :tumbler_glass:

I mean it should or at least I hope … be pretty obvious that this isn’t the real reason but imagine they broke something with their hotfix, could not fix this, so they rolled back the servers but rolled back too much and now they need to roll them to pre rollback so the Chars are here again.