Anyone else love doing Horizontal Content? Ignea / Mokokos / Completionist

I am a semi casual gamer dad with two beautiful kids and a wife. I try to get a few hours daily to do the stuff and have had a goal aiming for the Golden Mount, I am hoping that we are getting more horizontal stuff in the future with Elgacia and other Continents?

Currently at 10 Ignea Tokens, 1000 Mokoko seeds, finished Giants Hearts

Im struggling with Island Souls and the Rng tho…

Where is everyone else at for Horizontal content?


I just did 5 ignea tokens for the purify rune and play what makes more fun then horizontal content (raids)

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Since I’ve been unemployed for the past month, I’ve done a lot of catch up on this. Mostly Adventurer’s Tome stuff. Tortoyk is the only one I have in the 90s, just need to do the cooking stuff and I have that.

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The horizontal grind gets massively boring and tedious after a while and rapport is my least favorite part of it.

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Rapport is definitely not a time friendly thing really helps with rapports. I can get from 1 up to 5 legendary rapport items daily
still need a few island rapports

and gotta get all those skill points too


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I love the horizontal content but the vertical one has too much to do and leaves me no time


Kinda dislike it. Currently have been doing a lot of these.

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The #1 thing to get is Skill Points.

Check your Roster info. You need +72 Skill Points for full tripods @ lvl60.

I finally hit 75 so I am done with horizontal atm. RL is 165 and my characters are all 1370 4x3+1 no pen. Pharming 3/4 tripods and upgrading gems from 5 to 7 will take a while. Three card decks done finally so I’m back to F2P for now just using CA.

I am very happy with where my systems are at in the game and I have zero desire to do Legions w/o a static group. The MM on NA West is mostly players who bot and/or sell RMT. It’s a joke and I run around on my characters with no title and my weapon glow off.

Why? Because f them, that’s why. What I want to know is who the hell is buying RMT gold on NA West? All of the real whales are long gone. All we got on NA West are a bunch of fake guppies pretending to be whales.

Mokokos could be 100% if I really wanted it. I stopped at 1200 because there is no reward after. Also, I think a round number looks better on the loading screen. I know, I’m weird like that! :laughing:

For the Ignea Tokens, I’m missing the South Vern one, of course.

For the World Tree Leaves, I’m missing the last ones from Mining, Foraging and Hunting.

For the Sea Bounties, I’m missing the ones from Oblivion Isle, Lullaby Island and Spida Island. Also, haven’t done any of the shipwrecks because I find them boring.

For the Masterpieces, I’m now missing the two latest ones from the newly added Hard Cube and Boss Rush.

For the Island Souls, I’m missing the ones from Isle of Yearning (almost impossible to get), Forpe Island (this one I must have tried a million times by now, just doesn’t want to drop), Death’s Hold Island, Shangra Island and Unknown Island. There is also the Vairgrys’s Nest one, but if I’m not mistaken, this one is not obtainable in our version yet. If I could only get two more souls, I would get that nice relic compass!

I love all of the horizontal content. I wish they actually used more of the ship stuff that we can see. Why have so many different ships if only 1-2 are worth really anything? Why have just a couple of sailors with abilities on them?

Why have this seemingly cool looking diving minigame from maps that just ends up being a gacha game animation? Seems like so much potential that either got ripped out at some point or just was never really used.


I like horizontal content, you do 1 time and its done. You have forever for your account, is a good break from honning. The felling of build up a good and strong roster/account thinking in the long run is good too.

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Thats really impressive! Im worried ill never complete g6 brel but I think it will a nice break from honing

I’m not too much into horizontal content


The flex!

Missing those 2 new masterpiece breaks my heart :frowning:

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I ran out of horizontal Content to do back in May :rofl:

Screw shipwrecks however. Those maps are a goddamn myth!

The grindy part is a massive pain in my a**.

I love it, it’s fun just relax and work on that sometimes

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