Anyone else perfectly happy?

I’m like perfectly happy with the game and the current pace of content release, no I’m not trolling.
I’ll be honest,
Being 1405 with a full time job, If they released valtan tomorrow I would absolutely swipe to get to 1415.
The slower they release content the less I will spend on the game since I can keep up without swiping or no lifing.
I could probably go for another few months without any content updates at all and be perfectly happy working on my alts and horizontal progression.


Honestly, I am perfectly happy. I stopped caring about this game. I play it for fun, and do not take it anywhere past that. End game doesn’t exist to me, so I give two fugs about what is happening. I love all the free gifts for AGS/SG failures to deliver, it helps out my alts immensely. Honing still blows as a mechanic, and I absolutely loathe it, but past that, I like the game.

Every day AGS screws up, is another day I get free things.


who cares about valtan? we want the classes and skins


100% not gonna lie I am happy the content update isn’t for another week (or two). I had a few things to finish up this week and I am enjoying the coasting right now just building up stockpiles getting my last few alts to 1340.

Another week of the same honestly helps me out, since when South Vern drops I am living there selling collectables.

With that said I am not super happy with how poorly AGS is handling communication, but that is an outside the game issue.


I’m happy that you are happy.

Can i lend your creditcard now?


This is almost identical to me, actually, I’d just change two words:

“Honestly, I am perfectly happy. I never cared about this game. I play it for fun, and do not take it anywhere past that. End game doesn’t exist to me, so I give two fugs about what is happening.”

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Nothing was announced so I didn’t expect anything for the 14th. Instead I get another week of the current event? Fuck yes, sign me up.

I’m perfectly fine with the patch being next week, or the week after and will use the time to strengthen my roster even further. Everything is smooth sailing :+1:


I’m fine with the slow content, fine with valtan next month, maybe i will still be fine if they delay valtan. The only thing that i’m not fine and i see a lot of people that also aren’t fine with being 1 class per month, i would be fine if it was 2 per month, even better if it was 3 per month.

I do sympathize with people who are waiting to play their main and am fortunate that I have 2 classes I really enjoy already

They should have just given us all the classes on launch. They would have retained more players that way and made more money. But I guess they dont know how to make money even though they are trying to scam people with the gambling honing system… 0 skins 0 classes 0 revenue.

Who’s mythical “we” that i keep seeing? I for once couldnt give a damn about new classes. Stop generalizing.

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I don’t really care what goes on with this game so in that sense yes, I guess I am perfectly happy. Haven’t spent a single penny in it and got a lot of enjoyable hours out of it. There’s things about it that I don’t like and I would like the game more if they were changed (and would almost surely spend cash if they were changed) but it’s just a video game, not something that is important.

I am nowhere near 1400 (been choosing to sit at 1325 for 2 weeks while playing much less in the 2 weeks vs the earlier days or even in early-midMarch) and have no desire to be so I personally don’t care about Valtan or any high level raid content since I don’t even like raiding all that much. I also don’t really care about all the classes being added in ASAP, though I do want to try out artist, scouter and maybe summoner. Still, I would be fine if we never got another class as I like sorc as my main and I’m sill not bored of her after 400+ hours. That’s not to say I don’t want that stuff added for others who want it but for me personally, it isn’t a big deal. The type of stuff I’d like to see added would be entirely new modes.

I got a good kick out of today’s events because the backlash on here could have been easily avoided by some simple communication of what was going on. They brought the backlash on themselves and I hope for their sake, they one day finally learn how to quit shooting themselves in the foot. Had some good laughs earlier this afternoon reading the threads/replies.

You is not the vast majority stop thinking you are the center of the universe?

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More time to farm up mats for the lance master is fine with me.

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Neither are you or those mouth breathers crying for them to add pedo enabling classes, and yet here we are. I never said “We don’t want these classes in game” nor should you say “We want them” there’s no we.

I am perfectly happy, actually. Well… ok, maybe 95% happy, lol.

I don’t care about new classes (maybe Reaper but I’ll wait till it comes out, I’m not like OMAGERD GIMMIE NOW OR ELSE I QUIT about it). I don’t care about end game, I’m more interested in the story and the only thing that really bums me out is the fact that honing rates suck. If that could be fixed somehow… maybe by adding more mat drops to the content currently available, I’d be perfectly happy for sure.

Just wait till u get your hands on a scouter man that gigachad transformer is gonna make u feel like a fool saying those things today

How much that 1045 cost you in crystals for gold?

Seriously I am at 1080 and already irritated with the mat situation, no life shards anywhere unless I fork up my credit card for gold to buy them off the AH… yes I have alts, sort stupid though the game was designed to need them. Never seen a game want you wallet or you time this much since neverwinter.

I will never be happy until they release skins for me to swipe :frowning:

We are all happy that you are happy. The fact that you think you need to post about how happy you are happy for attention right now makes me wonder if you’re truly happy or just bored.