Anyone else perfectly happy?

I honestly could not care less, ive got my pally at 1430, thatseverything i need and care about.

Anyone else perfectly happy?

What kind of a question is this?

No one is ever perfectly happy unless they want to argue the implications of this statement.

Good for you, my main class is still not released. Glad you are happy, a lot of players are not.

Personally, nothing that has happened or not happened is pushing me to extend or cut short my playing time when my aura expires on 5/25 (if they keep adding freebie aura extensions that will obviously change)

I can’t say that I’m as happy as I was at release, but I’m not bored or mad enough just yet to uninstall.

This game will have my cynical and not-so-cynical attention until the end of May. After that, who knows.

It s good that you have a class that enjoy playing , maybe I will come back to the game when they release mine if I still have interest by then… ( you get my point now or not?)

My main is 1355 because I stopped there after going to pity on 2 items going from 1350-1355 with the event books on every attempt and decided to focus on alts instead. Have 6 characters in T3 now so I don’t mind that it’s delayed.

The lack of communication is another matter though and they missed a good marketing opportunity with the Easter holiday coming up. People will have more time to play the coming days and instead of giving them more content and maybe new skins this happened instead where people got disappointed.

Big chillin OP 1400, a few t3 alts, some t2 alts, enjoying playing some of the alts and just vibin.

Slowly working on some collectables and rapport and not even fussed about if the patch comes this week, next week or the 28th.

Glad that you’re happy. Keep enjoying Lost Ark!

I’m myself pretty happy too.

You completely missed mine still, as harsh as i might come through, woes of others are not my concern is what im trying to say.

Well just commenting to state that u dont care has no value at all so you should just mind your own business and let the rest of us make a point

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The people complaining are going to complain about anything.

I’m perfectly fine with whatever. It’s just a game. If content isn’t out, then work on other characters. If you don’t want to, then go out and exercise or do other things.

It’s no big deal


yeah im a little sadge that Glaivier isnt coming out for atleast another week minimum but that just means i can stockpile more mats and work on alts. that being said alot of people need to take a break they get so worked up so easily

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I think they can do better with the communication but other than that, I’m happy with everything. Pacing is good, nice events and rewards. I have zero interest in Glavier, but even if I did, I’d survive another week or two without her. These forums are becoming the last place to get any meaningful feedback because everyone is negative about everything. People need to remember this is a game, you can chill and do other things with your life.


you are a minority, 90% want classes

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Any data to back that up, or ya just randomly pulling numbers out of thin air? Anything to back up your statement at all? Any charts? Polls ? Any hard, raw data ? Since you pull out such a bold statement I’m sure you’re ready to bear burden of proof?

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I’m content with the game, but I don’t invest anything into the game I’m not willing to spare — excessive money, time, emotional energy. It’s an enjoyable way to burn some of my free time. With all the horizontal content, I don’t feel like I’m missing out if my progression is slow (which it is) and don’t feel any need to rush to get to any particular point. I’ve played other games with the mentality that “I have to……” and burned out or it started to feel like a second job. I wanted an experience where I played a game because it was fun, not an investment, and Lost Ark has fit the bill. There are things I’d change but none of them are impactful enough that they ruin the game.


Yep , chilling at 1390 and doing alt stuff and some skillpoitions, realy looking forward to lance master and south vern… and super hyped for the battle pass so i get another t3 alt for free(after a couple honing sessions) :slight_smile:

You’re definitely in the minority mouth breather. Everyone except you have been asking for the remaining classes since this game was released.

Im totally happy with game cuse im waiting for it since 2020.yes have issue with honing, gold, bots etc but wht i must ignore all fun and only focus on argos/valtan or end game?

Yeah, still having a great time! My goal is too have 6 chars at 1400+ so I can enjoy group content daily.

Well this will keep me occupied. For me having 1 char at 1445 would make the game really boring. Valtan is just another 15-30min fight once you learned the mechanics

Best part about the game is how varied classes are, so doing the same content does not get boring.

But I hope AGS/SG get´s there shit together. This wired ass communication is just bad.