Anyone else perfectly happy?

lol, people like you have brain worms.

I am not perfectly happy with the game, but I don’t hate it. I do complain sometimes but I end up playing it again xd. Hope they release skins faster though.

being perfectly happy is pretty hard,

but i guess i am alright with it
i just don’t really care about the game as much anymore, and i guess that’s probably a good thing for me anyways

I’m having tons of fun in Lost Ark, been playing pretty much every day since launch and I don’t think I’ve even seen 20% of what the game has to offer - which makes sense, considering they launched with pretty much 3 years worth of stuff. If anything, all the systems in the game feel kind of overwhelming at times.

I’ve no idea how much those guys must’ve played who have run out of things to do already.

You’re clearly the minority in this situation.

I think people should be a lot more thankful you have moderators on here responding like crazy probably wanting to pull their hair out at this point.
At least be thankful you Will get your lancemaster sooner rather then later they heard the majority on that, a big percentage isnt even in T3. they are just additional classes and skins most are focusing on anyway.
I would prefer content smoothed out as opposed to something happening within the game where they have to shutdown the server to fix it. They are being extremely cautious, its a good thing.

I am perfectly happy…

I wouldn’t say perfectly as some things are definitively not perfect, but I am enjoying the game very much.

I hadn’t spent over 400h in a single game in a very, very long time.

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Nah I’m pretty happy generally, except I would like more high end Tier 3 stuff to do.

IMO the only real issue I have is my characters (the ones I have fun playing) are all 1340+ which means basically everything below Gates of Paradise is pointless to run.

So now, I log in, do a few dailies, shoot the shit with friends, do some cube and horizontal content (to the extent I feel like doing it) and then log off to go play Apex.

I am happy they gave us a date that’s all I asked for.

I don’t want to rush things up. I read story, watched cutscenes even on my alts. Just past 1355 atm on my main so yeah the pace is perfect. No need for anything faster than it is already. All I wished is that honing was less RNG and mats hungry.

Im not happy. I want spend hundreds for skins, but they wont let me :frowning:

After the queue times on release,
after the [G0x9-spELPWP1P2NT] fiasco that effectively banned me for a while,
I am now getting Error 10010, w/o ever using VPN and there are still bots.

Do you think I’m happy?
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I was perfectly happy until the VPN block also stopped my non-VPN ISP connection to fail authentication.

This weekend is a long weekend here for Eid al-Fitr too and I was really looking forward to vegging out and doing nothing but play LA.

I guess maybe I a lucky here cause i started this game late. I am about a month in, no characters in T3 (almost there) and really enjoying the game. Im not rushing to endgame and doing a lot of horizontal content which is fun and keeps me continueing to enjoy the game.


That’s the way I’d recommend playing! I’d just gotten my main to 1385 last Thursday and was planning to work on my glaivier/switch to it as my main.

Take your time and enjoy the game. The translations aren’t great, but the story really isn’t that bad and the side stories/rapport stories are pretty good and add depth to the experience.

P.S. I started in headstart.

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