Anyone else surprised that the legendary card pack did not refresh with the chicken vendor?

Thought somehow I bought it already for the week then realized I guess it was a one time purchase.

they gave up 3 off the bat so i guess suppose to 1 per week.

they gave legendary cards? it only gives me uncomon to legendary card packs from the start

I was surprised bc I thought it would reset, but I’m not surprised by it since we’ve gotten a ton.

i think that the reason why it 3 pack at one

Yeah. Just being greedy. Want to get that LOS collection done asap.

Yep. Last week I noticed it was roster limit instead of weekly roster limit like (pretty much) everything else. Guess that’s why they give 3x at once instead of dripping like the naruni event. 3x a week would be too yummy LOL

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There are 2 types of card packs in the shop. One type is random cards and reset weekly. The other type is legendary cards, no reset.