Anyone else who hasn't found the lucky Mokeke?

Not even once…Just 20-100 gold pieces a day.
So sad.

Same bro. Never even gotten an accessory worth over 10k and been playing since launch. The game hates me lol

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It’s like a different me in the world.
Hope you will be better in the future.

I’m glad I’m not alone. :smiling_face_with_tear:

same i also stopped doing it as i don’t want to waste my time on even more RNG bs.

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Well yeah, the event is just pure gambling… meanwhile have heard some claim that they have gotten one multiple days in a row.

i finally found mine the other day

i think the chance is lik 5% for the 5k one and going lower for the other jackpots

keep doing it and you will get it

i get one every day there is a spot and time where a lucky mokoko is sure to drop

And then I saw a person that got 5k gold 3 times and once the super lucky 20k

imagine this bot is luckier than you


Would you like to share it, even on last day

I think thats a player name :smiley:

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too hurt :smiling_face_with_tear:

I picked up 22 X5 gold just now.It’s over a hundred. :melting_face:



its the room with the tables. after you climb the ledge. works everytime

Never lucky except for adventure tome cooking items which isn’t worth any gold.

I’ve found 5k gold the first day of even, and since then i earned more silver in total than gold.
Thinking about dropping the event. I know it’s not taking much time, but i would rather miss on 50g daily, than see all those people finding lucky mokokos, and there is only silver for me.

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yes… never… it’s so sad… while aukslytvrcuaktrv with xlutrdxgbaeludxgf and asiuyreiausyrnxiasu or adghfashgkdfyrnxf or aliuyenrxisauynxdisaxynilneh constantly getting it :sob:


i gave up on the event a week ago exactly because of this.

Bots everywhere, farming the freakin mokokos and you as a real player just get nothing. Havent done the event since 1 week and i wontoin it again. Waste of Time