Anyone excited for the Summoner release?

It is weird no one is discussing it lol.

Are any Summoner fans out there?
or has everyone already used up their express pass for Reaper?


Why would we even discuss this in light of the dc problems, negative pheons, and SH form. Summoner is just another problem in the long list - an og class that was held hostage for 10 months.


I added REgrett-aper to my roster

Reaper > Class Royale simulator

Too many problems in this game to be excited for anything. Idc about new content if it’s just getting added to a broken game.


Ignore the Karens

Cant wait for summoner, will be so much fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Summoner was the first character I created in LA, so I really look forward playing her here in EU. Can’t wait

was it really that bad? lolz

i havent created any mage class yet.
im hoping that this will be a good one.

I will main Summoner, she is the most fun mage to play, true dommy mommy.

Wtf why is she black?

haha, good one. I chose this art because I like my girls black.

But … mages are sylvains! They are bright skinned ! Like elves !

Summoner caught my eye years ago in the first reveal trailer for the game and getting to play it during the beta solidified her as my main so I’m super excited! It feels like I’ve been in alt limbo since launch so I’m very ready to finally feel like I have something to put all of my energy/resources into … though I’m not so sure my gold bank is ready out the gate yet considering crazy new class release inflation.

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yea i like the animals or whatever that thing is in the middle.
it looks so cool

ya it’s crazy. I can’t say I’ve been in alt limbo. While I do plan on maining her I have been enjoying a lot of other classes as well. Been saving 4 months worth of mats for her as well as the new passes we got. Did make a reaper but that’s just an extra non gold earning alt that I just wanna have fun with here and there

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you mean your lopang slave? haha

basically ya lol, but she’s been fun so far

only in NA/EU she is. DiVeRsItY

Oh for sure. I play and enjoy 5 classes between 1415 - 1472.5 myself. I know it sounds a bit silly but by alt limbo I mostly mean that I still don’t think any of them have been as enjoyable to me as my level 30 Summoner during the beta.

There are also a few things I’ve been holding off on doing/learning because I want to experience/prog them on Summoner first, so I’m looking forward to having a character I feel happy pushing that stuff with without constantly thinking “well this x, y or z could have been saved for my Summoner…”