Anyone excited for the Summoner release?

im pretty much sure no one is exited about anything regarding the game…
i for one even stop doing my dailies on my main, just doing legion raids here and there…

yea no one cares about anything except for the mass disconnects at the moment. how can people be excited about anything when they are too afraid to play the game.


with the current crap of pheons , DC Issues , demon form changes,dc when alt tab … and how the game is managed
people has lost faith in AGS … ( lots of people ) they killed the hype for big big patch and that is normal downside instead of happy posts we will have lots of angry posts for while .

As you can tell at this point, Amazon gives zero shits about the story and the races of the game.

Yes I am but on the other hand I should better do a support alt… the waiting time are crasy

I’ve been waiting to play summoner properly for 7 years so trust me, I want to be excited for my main to finally arrive. But amidst all these mismanagement and miscommunication, I can’t help but be fearful for the future. Will they screw up summoner’s release? Will they do something bad that sour the community’s mood?

And not to mention I’m still salty about them holding an OG class hostage for nearly a year. Hell, they should’ve just release all available classes from the get-go instead of withholding them for “hype” marketing (which doesn’t work very well because all these fiascos making the community extremely salty and frustrated, scaring away potential new players).

Honestly, I have very little faith left in AGS. No matter a how good an update is with all the amazing QoL features and improvement, they always manage to screw up something that completely negates all that positivity. I pray to god they leave my dear summoner as is and not screw up anything on her release.

Why does it matter whether they screw up her release, wtf r u scared of, when the class comes out, pick the class and play the game, if problems happen, don’t play it for a while and play when problems are fixed, this is the type of shit we go through in alot of mmorpgs not like Lost Ark is seclusive in issues, downtime, dc etc… People sure complain alot for a F2P game, I haven’t pumped a cent into this game since release cept a char slot and I’ve gotten like 2-3k hrs out of it.

summoner not getting their own events like every other class other than destroyer so who cares, prob not going to make one now cus of that

I don’t have any dc. I don’t know why you think all people and regions have this problem. I had 2 dc for the last 7 months and 0 in the last 3 weeks.

I don’t have patient for the Summoner. Keeping so many mats and stuff for her. I wil ltry to go to 1490 first day. She will be my main DPS, as my main is Pala.

Yea I am saving at least my PP for summoner. I may use the express pass on another of my alts but also may save it as well for summoner haven’t made up my mind yet.

Using Pass and Express on Summoner. Excited to play it

You did not watch “Ring of Powers” do you?


not really, hard for me to get excited for new classes when nothing new has been added to the game other then stupid raids at higher tiers.

its a themepark MMORPG, what do you want them to add?

Well, the Korean game received two new areas and another raid, there ain’t much more for us to catch up, that’s lost ark content.