Anyone have a good way of remembering what each of the Arcanist's cards do

Trying to remember what each of the cards do is hard and that’s the only downside of the class for me. Does anyone have a way to remember what each does?

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if you have a 2nd monitor just have it open with a card list on the side, thats the way for now. As u play the class you will eventually remember each cards like how when you first started valtan for vykas, its impossible to remember all mechanics and attack patterns after so many times of doing it you will eventually know all of the attack patterns and mechanics

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  • Three-Headed Snake Card – 3 heads, attack splits 3 times
  • Mayhem Card – Mayhem Zerkers attack fast. Attack speed buff.
  • Twisted Fate Card – Damage Buff
  • Corrosion Card – Damage Buff
  • Ghost Card – Move Through Stuff like a ghost
  • Cull Card – Cull and Crit both start with C. Crit boost.
  • Balance Card – Need Balance to stack stuff. Stacking buff
  • Judgment Card – Judgement gonna ruin some folks. Ruin ability buff
  • Moon Card – Moon and magic start with M. Magic buffs.
  • Star Card – Wizards have stars on their hats. Magic buff
  • Wheel of Fortune Card – What goes around comes back around. Instant refresh of ability
  • Royal Card – King and queen are 2 royals. Draw 2
  • Emperor Card – Badass Emperor destroys all. Nuke card.

This is what works for me as I learn the class. Hope it helps.

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Seems like ARCANA is fun to play. @_@


Thats actually good, nicely done

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I like it, but then I’ve always enjoyed hard to learn classes. Feels very rewarding when you figure it out.

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100% i love playing Arcana

I just focus on 3 cards. Balance, Judgement, Cull. Everything else is just a passive buff that you can recognize as you play and Three headed snake only comes into play imo when you have balance up to make Spiral Edge fill up a spell with a single cast and auto. Twisted Fate is something you should watch but I never hold it. I always dump it on the first 4 stack I can drop just cause it can draw a dud.

Honestly tho after the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve gotten all the cards down. The only ones I suck at remember is if Star or Moon is the MP/CD passive or the CD return.

Just play it. You will get the hang of the cards after a time if you just keep playing the class.

Have you considered making … flash cards?

I found the best way to just check the cards when I forgot them and eventually I remembered them all.

I know I’m tardy to the party, but I scrolled past this on Reddit. I have no clue how Arcanist works or how interactive this is, but from the comments people seem to enjoy it.

It will 100% come with practice. Every time you felt a little rusty with the cards you go through it thouroughly with your list of them.

ALso I highly recommend looking through this list of rotations for some combos. Look at the rotations and understand why everything is in that exact order, it helps a lot. I couldn’t absorb it all at first, but I return to it occasionally to soak in more of it. :slight_smile:

I think some random ones are:
Star is for AFTER you go ape-shit, and Moon + Mayhem is for BEFORE.
Save Judgment for combo with Cull, Twisted, Corrosion or Wheel.
I think Cull is wasted if it doesn’t combo with Judgment or Wheel, but you can’t always win the lottery ukno :slight_smile:

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@Keinox tú puedes enseñar cómo memorizar las cartas

I’m playing Emperor so about 3/4 of the cards are just near instant use as they come up, but I just read through the effects and tried to memorize the really important cards first that actually need to be held for different parts of my rotation (namely Emperor, Wheel of Fortune, Cull, and Twisted Fate).

I just started by remembering the important few by associating their pictures with something simple (skull = dead things = big damage, king = aoe+nuke, red+blue circle = double nuke ability fun, etc etc). After I got those recognizable at a glance I slowly started to just do the same with the other cards. “Wtf does this angry looking clown monster do? Oh, attack speed.”
I would just keep going back and checking until I eventually had them all memorized. Then at some point of looking enough I guess the names started to stick as well.

With some association and play time it didn’t take as long as I thought it would, maybe about 3 days for the big ones and a couple of days or so for the rest. I’ll still fumble here and there with how quickly Emperor draws cards and especially if I get some Royal’s mixed in, but it’s all part of the fun anyway.

Easiest thing to do is complete the express thing get the rewards then delete the arcanist. That’s the best way to play it.

Best way is to just pull all the cards you don’t know and 1 by 1 remember more. I started with the crit buff and dps buff, then the one giving you full stacks on attacks. tbh other than those the others can mostly just be used all the time, so it’s relatively meaningless to remember exactly what they do and you likely just want to use them asap to free up the slot for other cards anyway.
(Sorry I only know buffs not the names, I remember them by the picture and my game is not in english anyway :D)