Anyone have details on Covetous whisper set?

I have 2 alts which will be sat at 1415 for awhile, and im wondering how effective the covetous whisper set is for crit rate. It seems kinda inconsistent, but maybe at the end of the day its better because you get 10% per stack and it stacks every .3s, which is faster than argos.

So is the effective crit rate of covetous whisper 2 piece more than argos 2 piece?

covetous whisper is bad. it gives you crit rate each time you don’t crit, and resets when you crit. since dps naturally have high crit rate, you should just get free 10% damage from demon beast set instead.

my question is if its more effective than argos 2 piece. obviously i am going to go beast 4 piece. the question is if its better to go argos 2 piece or covetous whisper.
i know how the set bonus works, i am wondering if anyone has details on the effective crit rate increase, as i couldnt find any info.

it’s better to just have guaranteed 15% crit rate rather than gambling on critting with 15% less crit rate.

again, if anyone has any actual info on how the set plays out, or knows where i can find it, please let me know.
actual info

do you wanna hear the truth or do you just wanna hear “it’s better than argos”? because it’s not

it doesnt appear to be better than argos, i just want actual numbers, instead of guessing based off of appearances

I mean you don’t really need actual numbers to tell what’s better or not.

Guess you can go for it and let us know if its any better :slight_smile:

the reason i am looking for some numbers is because its kind of unclear how it will actually perform, and how the effect will translate into an effective crit rate over the course of a fight.

the set is trash dont play him never. you hit you crit you lose everthink in most optimal scenario there is a bigger chance you won euromilions than this set do somethink for you

Covetus dont add any meanigful crit rate, I tested it in trixion and its really bad, I have 2 covetus, 2 argos and 2 relic sets and I can tell no difference in crit rate with covetus. 5 piece argos is better then the legendary sets anyway.

Dont be so stuborn everyone is telling you the same thing.

Nobody play this set only some stupid youtubers that think 1+1=3 and dont use brain recommend this…keep argos or go for beast. In your best scenario keep argos go for 2 piece relic / waepon last if you not whale

not being stubborn lmfao i just want to hear from someone who has actually tested it, like you. so this is actually interesting to me.

Covetous is really good for any class running a Swiftness multi hit build. As it’s +10%(25% at 4 piece) per hit every 0.3 seconds until a crit. For example a Soulfist. You’d be able to comfortably run Energy Overflow, Raid Captain, and Keen Blunt and crit in the millions without issue. It’s not for every DPS, but there ARE it’s uses. Just gotta know where to look.

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