Anyone here is MAD?

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No, because this roadmap is hype af


i love LA so much but i swear i never felt so disrespected as i feel rn with slayer coming out before aeromancer. i’ve been saving for aero sice the class release in KR and now i’ll have to wait another 3 months and for what? what a load of BS.


I’m fuming from the mouth like a rabid bat



not rly.
Its a lose lose situatuion… deal with it.
Its the same with Reaper release… many expected reaper but then it was scouter.

Worst roadmap yet.


Im UltraMad /s

I uninstalled… I was prepping for a main swap, and hoping to prog with her on AKkan… Yeahhh

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But it’s literally the best roadmap we’ve had so far


It’s really not that impressive, earlier roadmaps were better… and they Really F’ed over players that have been waiting for way longer… just to get a cheesy “Win” for the “slayer” crowd


Don’t u see. Slayer + Bikini skin in summer = big profits. But yeah this roadmap is a bit the opposite what has been said in the letter to community.


Weird question.
There are alwasy mad people in here.
Whatever the reason.

I would be mad, but i just honed my main to 1580 so at least i have some time to gather mats for Aeromancer.

Actual skill issue, slayer coomers won because they were vocal. Aero enjoyers should have done the same instead of complaining about other stuff. Have not seen one post from people asking who’s hyped for aeromancer?

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They all quit in the 15 months of waiting time, while the game got worse and worse in our version :rofl:

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He’s just mad that slayer comes before aero. I can stand with people getting upset/mad on not getting aero before slayer but on the bright side there’s so many things to do in loa and they can even save up more for when she comes out. Some people will always go full mald and say its bad shit game etc etc its just how it is sadly

The Slayer will release in May with a powerpass and progression events. Stay tuned to our website and social channels for event details leading up to the May update.

Powerpass 1430 ? KAPPA

I’m raising both, slayer will be harder to raise though haven’t saved any Matts as I’ve been focusing on 1580 main. If I was in the Aero crowd only I’d be happy it was delayed so I could save more lol people on these forums only know how to complain and doom. Half probably don’t even play anymore and just troll. Is what it is.

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Exactly my point but oh well, nothing much u can do about it. Sadly the playerbase will always have a few peeps like him/her

No matter how much more I save up at this point, it doesn’t make a difference.
First off, I cannot save up more shards at an acceptable price, because my inbox is full with shard bags already. (Gold to BC to Shards is 2/3rd the market price for shards, even less since the BC prices went down in the past 2 weeks.)
It takes one month to get Abrelshud Relic Set, which is mandatory for ilvl 1580.
No one will accept you into Akkan without ancient set however, because massive stat difference. The earliest starting point for Abrelshud HM is Week 3 of class release. From here on out it’s 5 weeks of G1-6 HM in the best case scenario. Making it 8 weeks to be viable for Akkan. NM or HM, doesn’t matter.