Anyone interested in rerolling US east with me?

Looking for any players that wouldn’t mind leveling a new toon on any US east server. I’m generally available Sunday through Thursday noon est until 6 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays I’m generally Free all day. Just reply if you are interested or message me on discord Elfiesan#2216.

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I’ve been wanting to reroll. But how do you cope with the progression you’ve made. It’s very difficult for me.

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Cant… I am captive on US West as I am from OCE.
I would LOVE to reroll somewhere else, but I am stuck where I am… a prisoner.


I’m on an NAE dead/low server.

Pros - no queue ever.

Cons - no one to do any of the min people events and the low level stuff if you need to run stuff totally dead so you’ll never clear that welcome challenge of 302 vern chaos gate and you’ll be begging for favors for like shadowmoon market type stuff

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I wish I could. My Ignea tokens is almost completed. :joy:

that sucks yeah on Enviska we are seeing 2+ hour queues to log on now

Stay on your server! Keep your RMT over there.

yeah I hear you several months of investment can be painful to leave behind. I’m planning on only playing my main on the west while I level on the east.

I dont RMT…
How rude.


You should reroll Korea or EU not US. Even with the lag it will be better…

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This is where I am at. I’ve got 90% on all tomes (just gotta buy the collectibles), more than 80% on all world collectibles (hearts, mokoko, masterpieces, bounties, souls). The 1400+ I don’t care about, but the rest is a lot more time consuming and very RNG prone… I’m chained.

I was seriously considering it, however, the time it would take to get my rapport back up, regather my giant hearts, basically getting everything back up to speed would just be soul crushing. I’m already pretty far behind because I take things easy (Just got to 1400). My twitch drops, my prime drops, all of it would just be gone.

No way I am going to reroll. I’d quit first rather than go through the journey again.

Well your server does though obviously. It is not exactly random. It only US W

Yes. please join this bandwagon so I can queue faster

That person was probably not implying YOU do but stating that more that may look to migrate over will inevitably bring more bots over with them along with just generally increasing the player count of the few remaining lower count east servers. You may not RMT but there is surely someone that does who is being put in queue hell so they’ll just look to move to another place and strat it all up again.

It’s like the people that leave a place like commiefornia or NYC for other places because they are tired of the policies there (despite many wanting those policies) yet they simply end up bringing the same issues to wherever they live and making that new place be commiefornia-lite.

I personally find it incredible that people dealing with that queue stuff want to start over somewhere else and seem to think there is just no way the same thing will eventually happen at the new place rather than simply accepting this is how the game is and moving on. This like the copium meme people often post/comment about? If I were dealing with queue issues, I’d simply accept the game is borked and move on (as there is no game I would ever deal with queues for…this seems absurd to me and IMO, shows people are addicted) either for good or simply take a break to see if this garbage is ever dealt with.

i didn’t even want to play on the US west servers originally. My group of friends forced me to more or less, and now they are quitting because of the queue times. More then likely if i do fully reroll I will heavily focus on pvp rather then pve content. I’m just looking forward to having 20 to 30 ping rather then 90 to 110.

I’m planning on trying out new classes I didn’t originally play. The loss of horizontal content would be annoying, but honestly going through the experience of climbing through all the content again will be interesting with new classes. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the leveling to 50.

I rerolled on NA East a few weeks ago. Got to 1345 and gave up. The dead zone is still rough.