Anyone Lagging and having FPS issues in Rowen?

As title says, I’m having some serious FPS issues especially when I kill enemies my game just goes haywire and drops tremendously in fps and sometimes feels unplayable and I’m not sure why and If it’s only me having that issue.

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It’s not just you, its me also

Yep happens to me also with everything at the lowest setting possible. Although i’d guess my hardware is aging now but i also believe that AGS has done a really bad job as always too as it’s not only in Rowen that these stutters started again after having been gone for quite a while.

Unreal engin is bad for alot ppl in same area all mmo on un got same problem aion bns ect

Has been happening since this latest patch. Every once in a while I go into PowerPoint mode for 10-15 seconds, no changes since last Patch.

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I think it’s because it’s pvp?

This is the reason why I avoid pvp islands, chaos gates and chaos ships - due to all the lagging I can’t even damage what I Have to damage in order to get the rewards.

It’s only like this in Fang River, the other town is good

yea, everything runs fine… except rowen and also gvg stutters from time to time