Anyone realize server merge name change?

I’m on Brelshaza euc and the website previously said it would merge with Inanna to Balthorr. Now when I check it says Ezrebet. Did anyone notice this as well and wonder why this changed?

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then show me where they announced that they were changing the server names if u know it so well.

the same article was updated to reflect the new names, and Roxx also talked about those changes on the forums if you use the dev tracker.

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  • Brelshaza will merge with Inanna and become Ezrebet

Yes exactly but this wasn’t announced in patch notes or whatever. not that it matters so much but it seems that the majority here can’t read my comment and then talk about me unable to read. Also I don’t sit on the forums very often but thanks for telling.

Thanks captain obvious as I mentioned in the post. this was balthorr BEFORE.

ah sorry, tryed to help :slight_smile: it was mentioned on sept the 7th in the posted article.

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Alright np thanks. just a little annoyed by the first guy not even reading my post

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here, afaik no actual announcement tho

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no problem at all! can imagin.

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Yep just saw it and thank god they changed it because merging Nineveh with beatrice and naming it twilightmist would be awful

better than balthorr :skull: but evergrace is pretty cool

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