Anyone Saying Gold Nerf Good is Clueless

Just to put it out there, if you think the gold nerf is a good thing at this current stage in the game.
You’re clueless.
Considering this update is being pushed forward by amazon they’re clueless too.
Its not going to prevent inflation its going to reinforce it.

This is a 20k+ gold Nerf for anyone that isn’t clown ready (Parked between 1445 and 1475).
Basically the f2p players are gonna get wrecked by this, the swipers will still swipe.


I really think it wasn’t the best decision to bring this up now

… nevermind :3

There’s a mat reward buff?
I didn’t see it in the patch notes

We were supposed to get that, together with gold nerfs, but here’s nothing on the patch note that suggests it will be implemented.

I don’t see them letting us run any legion raid we want.

Sure, they will benefit from it for 2 weeks till they get their sets completed. What then? No income.

It is in the patch notes.
unless i misinterpret it. let me look for it and ill post it here

They only said crafting gear mats not honing mats. Unless their so called extra reward include honing mats. But all they said were crafting mats

It’s 500k gold nerf to biggest no life bussers. I’m sure few of such exists.

I would not make big claims about the overall impact of this from patch notes alone. Wait and see.

Yeah you’re right! Just re-read it. It’s only Crafting gear mats. My confusion. I’ll edit the post above

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That’s sad, they implemented a patch with literally all the bad parts of the nerfs, without the good parts. I’m very supportive of AGS but this was a bad choice.

I don’t think it’s a bad choice, just maybe a little too early. But honestly I don’t know. I guess we’ll see…

It solves the problem with bots asking for Orehas/Argos bussing for sure. now you get to bus them through Vykus and Valtan hard. Bussing upgrade.

and the people with 1520+ roster will not get affected by this change neither.

Gold nerf is too early… not everyone has full 1490 rosters

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If the gold nerf didn’t apply to players with without a character at/or above 1475, i can see the change being good. It does suck for players either new-ish, or more casual players.

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