Anyone that sells on AH feeds RMT

There’s obviously big difference in terms of accountability between someone directly buying / selling RMT and those who inadvertently support it. (E.g. accountability = who gets punished via bans, etc)

But we are all responsible for the RMT plague if you sell anything more than trivial priced items on AH.

Not blaming sellers, simply pointing out how almost all of us are feeding the RMT momentum whether we realize it or not. Which makes getting rid of RMT at very least lot harder, and probably impossible.

When you sell any decently priced item, where do you think the gold to buy that item came from?

Some of it came legitimately from generated gold sources (e.g. gold made by players from legit gold generation activity like abyss gold, argos, weekly una tokens, etc

But there is nowhere close to enough generated gold to buy at the inflated prices that even legit sellers list item prices at. Am not talking about shady RMT prices like listing level 1 gem for 100k gold.

Am saying many players list legit items like good stat / engraving accessories at current market prices, but those prices are much higher than what it would be if gold supply wasn’t inflated by RMT.

Bottom line, every single one of us that sells on AH for anything beyond pocket change value items is supporting the RMT industry (no matter how unwilling or unknowing).

Unless smilezon puts in price caps for items on AH, something severely doubt would happen (and would have separate problems if did that - so not calling for it), regukar ppl like us who simply use AH to make decent gold profits each week are as much responsible for feeding the RMT beast as the direct buyers. (They buy the RMT gold direct, rest of us earn RMT gold indirectly by selling items for prices far above what could be supported by non RMT sources alone)

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bro you really posted a novel to say nothing. People sell on AH is part of the game you can’t stop them.

What is up with people trying to be blamed for stupid shit that they obviously have nothing to do with, is that a fetish? ffs


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How would I make banks if the RMTers don’t buy my bis accessories?

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wow another brain dead take, yes and playing the game is also feeding rmt holy shit.

too long to read, im sorry it happend to you or something.

Just because a short story is approximately 1-3 pages long, doesn’t mean you have to post one on forums. Even less if the value is none existent. Did you post this sort of BS on WoW and GW2 forums, too? And every other game which exists and has an economy not based on soulbound currency like BDO?

RMT exists because humans are trash and choose to ignore rules if they are not enforced by violence. The only ones actually to blame are those people and to some degree AGS who are afraid of banning the SHIT out of them.

Roxx said they don’t ban for a first offence if it is not high. Well. If I were the team lead who has to decide this, I wouldn’t only ban them from Lost Ark. I would cooperate with Steam and ban them there. Because they fuck over Steam, too. Luckily for those assholes: I am not and never will be.

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So what’s the point of this post?

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You guys are so toxic. OP is right. We should all start selling our accessories for 1 gold.

Unless you can quote me where I said anything remotely like selling for 1 gold, you’re either a hysterical exaggerator or outright liar.

The point I made lost to so many is that any anti bot solution needs to take into account all 3 major contributors, not just one.

Dozens of threads have ppl saying just ban RMT bots, which will fail b/c as many point out, RMT buyers existing will constantly lure new bots back.

Same for ppl calling for just ban all RMT buyers. Long as there are bots, new RMT buyers will arise. And as one motivation for new buyers to start, is what I pointed out - all of us who sell on AH at the now RMT inflated prices mean many buyers will feel the need to RMT.

So unless this is just too complex an idea, any long term anti bot solution will need to deal with deflating the existing AH prices, remove bots so new RMT currency doesn’t constantly expand, and punish RMT buyers.

If smilezon doesn’t do all 3, just token bans here and there of bots or groups of buyers, the pressure exerted on inflationary prices from our AH selling along with new buyers starting to RMT b/c of the inflated prices, we will never be rid of this bot plague,

So either accept bots and RMT forever, or realize no solution that doesn’t somehow deflate the price pressure we AH sellers exert AND get rid of bots + buyers all at same time will never work.

TLDR - is a solution possible? Theoretically yes, but reality no - if all 3 main contributing factors aren’t dealt with concurrently. I made this thread b/c in the dozens or possibly hundreds of threads made complaining about bots, not one focused on this third contributing factor.

You are right! 1 gold is too low, what about 5 gold?