Anyone with GeForce Now problems again like last time?

4h that all servers are up and GeForce still updating the game, anyone with the same issue?

Restart your computer, I literally just sat myself to start my working day 5 mins ago and I am in game through Geforce now as I am speaking

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Im working rn but will try that, thank you :slight_smile:

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I tried restarting the pc and it’s still the same thing, is it the same problem as the last time?

Sounds like, isnt normal the game still offline on geforce after this many hours

I think we’ll spend at least two days waiting for them to fix the game like last time XD

GFN is not working like last time.

im realy tired. every weak, every patch same problem. almost 6 hours and still offline.

any fix? i cant enter the game

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Good morning! Could you please give me a little more detail on the problem you’re experiencing?

Whenever there is a lost ark update, geforce updates it on its geforce now platform, but it has been updating since the time the lost ark update ended, I talked to geforce staff support and they said that the game is now " playable" but it’s the same thing

Thank you for this! I’ll let the team know and maybe they can reach out to GFN and see what is going on.


Same problem here with others too, game says its patching but its been patching for hours.

looks like I will be missing a login day… great

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