Anything going to be done about people exploiting server merge

I know server merge is to help people on dead servers get back on active server and whatever they gain from it is a small consolation, but ever since people have learnt about it I hear more and more of people creating characters on dead servers that are going to be merged with their to obtain free stuff such as free cards packs or books…


That does sound pretty FOMO-inducing tbh. Like someone might feel the need to do that too to stay competitive.

Hmmm… maybe what they could do is announce not to do that and, after some date in the near future from that announcement, any new characters created on a different server (for people who have characters in one server already) don’t get the same merge strategy applied to them?

Idk about being FOMO, but that mostly gives an advantage compared to people who don’t get server merged.

If anything, character created on dead servers after the announcement and progressing way too fast for a new player should be checked

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I dont think that would be possible to even gain anything from the merge you would have had to make something gold etc and stuff and with any of the events going atm you cant.

even if they tried to make use of the hyper express they would have to spend money to get it to 1375 or w.e the ilevel is

You can speedrun, especially with the nerf of T1, T2 and early T3, until the server merge that leave you the time to get some nice goodies, especially since you can do both summer event from T1

The vast majority of players have high iLvl mains and even alts that they spent months and months building. I doubt they just throw it all away to start on a dead server so they get a card pack after the merge. Seems like only a thing for new’ish players and honestly we can use all of the new players we can get.

High ilvl players are the first one who would be interested with the free cards and pheons from the event, they’re not dropping anything since it’s gonna be merged with their server, they’re basically doubling their weekly summer event rewards


Got it, I understand what you mean now. But in that case, they’d already have a roster on the destination server. I’m guessing they could deny rewards in that case and only give them out if you did not have a roster on the destination server. Not sure if that’s being done though.

The problem is if people legitimately played on two servers with two sets of friends for example. Getting their rosters merged is only fair.

That’s why I was saying there should be a filter on character created on a dead server after the announcement on a roster that basically didn’t exist and progressed way too fast for a new player


I guess you can’t please everyone, either way someone is going to not like it. So devs will make a decision and not worry about it lol.

EDIT: Also getting the rosters merged is fair, but just talking about the rewards. In that case, you just don’t get rewards since you were already playing on an active server.

Yeah I agree with you, was replying to pixixx

do you think ags gonna do something about ppl spending money to buy another crystal chest in another server?
so, do you spend money? ban
I hope they dont
also, I think is good for f2p since you can play more characters in theory


I think you’ve missed the point there

Yeah did you see the tutorials/tips videos on youtube on what to do before the merge? xD

I think that they had to lock down character creation on the dead servers when they announced the merges, that would prevent this from happening, new players would be able to make characters on higher populated servers and nobody would be able to exploit the merges. I guess that a leason for next time, unfortunately if there is a possibility for exploit there is always someone who will take advantage of it.


By the way what does the mokoko challenges give, si there anything good as well?

live picture of someone exploiting the system

Ayo another beautiful proof of why something needs to be done, this is just absurd that some people can do that, and some can’t
I don’t think people realize how overpowered that is to get so many free cards toward Light of Salvation, this is the hardest set to get and for a reason, it’s a 15% damage increase at max awakening



My mains backpack is more stacked than this.

But yes that does happen. When they were merging in bdo. We made another guild and ran node wars to get extra money and we got all the daily stuff x2.