Anything strange in this image?

Do you find anything strange in this image?

Please point it out.



It is obvious, but the copium crowd has a bunch of excuses why it is supposed to be natural.


its bots i know its bots you know its bots ags know its bots my goddamn grandma knows it bots do we really need post every 3 minutes with another hot take that there are lots of bots :eyes:


Yes and when the number of real players will tend to ZERO the line will be even more straight…

Kind of…

Well, not zero, but if you managed to ban all the bots seriously, there would be at least 300k less!

It is also interesting how the VPN Block thing had literally no impact on bots or RMT prices.


I love how many people watch Asmongold point out something and all the sudden they think they are geniuses. I swear, you see this in twitch chat too. One or two people point something out and all the sudden the chat follows suit.


Its sad really. Why do they even pay so much for Anti Cheat software, when they could just hire a few active admins to ban people? The anti cheat software & vpn blocking doing nothing but harming normal players & creating lag/extremely slow game launch.

That wouldn’t work.

They needed hundreds of people in 3 shifts to cover all the servers 24/7.

Let alone the potential for abuse and false bans, it would be a shit-show, even more than it already is!


Looks like all these games are thriving. Nothing out of the usual. Especially Lost ark. Glad the playerbase is growing :clown_face:.


tell us.

Indeed, many of our AI friends love this game, and play it every day! Game is super popular among Mercedes enjoyers :partying_face:


Lost Ark are the one of the most popular mmorpgs currently. Stop trying to find fault just because you are incapable to advance in any game. Good morning <3

They should still have some GMs to do clean up. They don’t need to be on 24/7 but have them login once a day and purge thousands. They don’t have to go out of their way. Get the most obvious ones + the spammers so people can actually login.


Thats how it useto work in far more popular MMORPGs with far more players? With far less money/employees than AGS? Don’t see how it wouldn’t work now. You can clearly post someone in obvious hot spots for bots and just ban them over and over, bots will eventually give up when they see its not profitable anymore.
Moreover it would be more than helpful to regular players receiving bugs/issues to have some GM support in game also… its unheard of to have not a single admin or any way to communicate with a GM team in a new MMORPG.

VPN block does nothing in short term of course. But banning the VPNs can give AGS some more tools to use in the future while there was just a VERY small fraction of legitimate VPN users.

The bots existance in an MMO, even in high numbers, is nothing new.

What is staggering imho is the ratio bots/real players…

I believe that this ratio was never achieved in any game before.

Maybe another world record for LA…

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They must be making bank.

I think you overestimate the effort they put into this game.

AGS is doing the bare minimum necessary to keep the revenue going.

Never saw a game with THIS many bots, to be honest…

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Lineage got like this in the West, too.

That was over a decade ago, though. It feels even worse now. I had been patient, but when my playtime’s in-game value is being deflated at such a rapid pace, I don’t feel the desire to play and I haven’t.

No drop in day-night.

This is an evidence for this game has much more bots than real players.