Apology / Reimbursement Gifts

The decision to give away free items as an apology to ongoing issues is clearly a good one. If the items weren’t useless. We don’t need free mounts, there is no lack of mounts in the game. There is a major lack of upgrade materials, since people can barely play the content to get those materials.

So either give people crystals to be able to buy those materials from the store or give out boxes containing materials. That way people won’t fall behind and feel appropriately compensated for their lost time.

i’d be happy if they would give us like a 7 day crystal aura to compensate the unplayable matchmaking and hours of server queues we had for over a week

Nice try :heart_eyes:

I am not here for free handouts, but if they are going to compensate players, then they should do it in a way that actually does compensate us. What do i care for a mount if i have to try for 1 hr to enter a single dungeon.