Application for anti-bot hunter

I would like to suggest some sort of player occupied “Vanguard” position.

Like some other games you have a dedicated few to watch over some of the
games most monotone but very important jobs. Looking for and getting rid of bots/cheaters.

I would say that most experienced players can attest that its quite easy to spot a bot user.
Maybe it would be to much power given to a player, but I would think it solved a large problem.
That we could somehow report this bot and place it in a vacuum until a correct employee from
your end could confirm the suspicion. And if this power was misused in any shape or form there would be even more serious reprimands taken.

And this kind of work would get the community going just by offering something as simple as a few days of crystalline aura per X confirmed reported/treated bots.
Something to at least get the bot OFF the map immediately and placed in “pixel jail” for further review or action.

Even a casual player can spot a bot’er to at minimum 90% certainty.
There could even be such thing implemented so that if you had this “Vanguard” addition to your
account, that we had a in-game tool to make a 10-sec video snippet as undisputed proof.

Anyhow, that was my two cents on a possible fix. Because the current report feature does nothing. I have reported thousands of bots that are still hogging the same positions as a 10stack fishing the same pixel. And that must be a automated feature that more people have to report the same bot to even kick in. And they are so many that it will never happen in a fast enough pace.

Or hire me full-time as a GM and I will do my best to help this game stay afloat.
( Contact me for personal info regarding this position :slight_smile: )

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