Apply lobby with vykas title

vykas + succubus title on, but still rejected for 2-3 hours
if u guys rejecting vykas/succubus title which is the requirement, pls dont write “title only” on your title lobby. You’re wasting time on people who apply to your lobby

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Check your:
engravings/gems/tripods/name/roaster level/relic set pieces

Title doesn’t guarantee invites, it’s not a ticket to heaven.


There could be many other reason why you got rejected

maybe youre just the 500th 1430/1460 DPS thats applying?
maybe you have rainbow stats?
maybe you bad engravings?
maybe because you have bad gems?

the “title only” lobbies mostly mean, if you have no title = instant decline, if you have title = ill inspect you further


Roster not roaster :smiley:

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Are you rosting me :scream:

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A Vykas Toaster? how much

Only accepting your desire as a payment.


Gave you some, when do i get it mailed

No you are already top of the lists.

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I’ll bring this to the team’s attention and let them know!


Why would i get your character with 3x3 and no grudge on vikas normal when i can get a vykas title with 4x4 ?

Sorry cant hear you guys, my 3x3 sup alt with no relic accessories getting instant invites to hm vykas

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Title is your last problem. I always smile when i apply my control glavier or tech zerk both on bis 5x3 and they get refused. Every time for the memes i go check leader s and party engravings just to find them ln full legendary accessories and barely 3 engravings with a malus.

People just dont know how to play this game. They go by bias they listen and take wrong on mainstream streamers and dont realize it s them keeping the level low not alt builds :rofl:


There are picky people out there. I also have a hard time joining a [normal] lobby on my alts that are 1440 with vykas title, 4x3 engravings (meta engravings - grudge/cursed doll/adrenaline/class engraving depending on the class), lvl 5 gems, correct stats, high roster level, and full relic accessories. Takes around 10-15 minutes for me to find a party. Only parties I can get in are valtan orb + weis (fortunately the demand for these are low lol, plus the run is faster), and chill vykas parties.

No, no.

The idiots are now requesting the Incubbus title, which is 30 vykas.

Succubus moved down to loser insta reject.

Man this community…


Thanks, I didn’t look into it; will switch to it and see if it makes a difference for next week.

Reroll a support, you’ll get grabbed without them even looking at your title, engravings stats or anything else.

This is the kind of problem you should expect where there are 23 DPS options to pick from and most players are vastly overgeared for the content.

Everyone focuses only on get it done fast. If you could potentially slow them down well, you gotta go.


I like my dps characters over my support character. I just gotta take in the pain when trying to wait patiently to get into a group. Will quit in the worst case scenario when the population gets low to the point where it takes 30 minutes to get into a party, with only 1 group hosting on PF. Fortunately we’re far from this.

I’m not playing this “equip title” game.
There are plenty of pubs, where you get accepted without any title or being 1500+.
Apply to a party, and if there is no accept or kick after 10-15sec, cancel and go to the other lobby.

I make vykas title parties every week.

What I’ve found is that a lot of people with vykas title think it’s a ticket to bring their vastly undergeared alts with 0 relic and bad budget engravings that they’ve never finished vykas on. So now I also look at the gear.